Cyclops GEN 10.0

Cyclops GEN 10.0

Product Details

New for 2018
The very best LED headlight bulb Cyclops has ever offered. 
They have taken all that has been learned over the years and rolled that into the latest gen 10 bulbs.
All new metal construction for bases and collars for better thermal efficiency.
Better beam pattern differential between high and low beams. 
This bulb uses 4 cree emitters capable of more than 2500 lumens each. Measured at over 8000 lumens it is the brightest Cyclops H4 bulb.
Color: VERY WHITE 5600k
Power: 38 watts 12V DC
Screw on connectors at driver for easy replacement if ever needed.
The connector is the standard H4 
High/ low beams
Easy plug and play installation in most motorcycles
One year warranty