Pardon are dust!

It has been a rocky road. I have purchased Metric Thunder from Jim Cantarini in Febrary and the transition continues. I am also in the midst of opening a Metric Thunder outlet store. I am humbled and appoligize to those customers who have suffered with us by getting shippments later than usual. This was compounded by the busy time of the year happening simultaneously. I will be contacting each customer personally. Thank you to those who have been patient with me. The quality of service and performance is about to change!

Best regards, David Hess / Owner 478-273-8008

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Buying A Used Metric V-Twin

Looking to ride a motorcycle? You could go an buy a new scooter, but why not take a look at a pre-enjoyed one?

So you have finally decided that you want to join the throngs of enthusiasts that enjoy riding a motorcycle. Like many, you think that owning a Harley Davidson or a new Indian would be perfect. Let’s face it, both companies make great motorcycles here in the USA, but for you, there is one problem—you can’t afford the payments for either of them. For that matter, making payments on any new motorcycle seems a little far from your grasp. Well, maybe you need to look at a used, Metric V-twin motorcycle.

In the bike world, a metric bike is considered to be anything that is not a Harley Davidson or an Indian. If you are considering buying a used Metric motorcycle—or any bike, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for, and that you’re getting your money’s worth. We had a friend that was looking to buy a used, Metric cruiser, but wanted someone with a little motorcycle knowledge to come along and be a voice of reason. This isn’t a bad idea, as having someone come with you that does not have an emotional “gotta have it” need, can save you a lot of dinero and headaches.

When finally start looking to buy a motorcycle keep your eyes open—literally and figuratively. Though purchasing a used bike can cost thousands less than a new one, keep in mind that it is still a used motorcycle. Buying a used bike is not a bad thing if the bike has been taken care of, but you need to determine the extent—or lack of, care it has received. Think of the following as a checklist of things to look at when buying a used motorcycle.

You will definitely want to test drive the motorcycle you are considering to purchase. The problem arises in that many guys will not let you “test ride” their motorcycle. Bike owners are a protective bunch, so keep that in mind. There is a fine line that you need to balance when talking to the owner, and if you are able to prove that you are not only a motorcycle enthusiast, but a serious buyer with cash in hand, persuasion might be a possibility. If you show up with the proper clothing to ride a motorcycle (long pants, a jacket and a helmet), the owner might realize that you are serious. Showing up in shorts and flip-flops will probably get you asked to leave the property. If you show up fully prepared to take a test ride, and show your true intent to purchase a motorcycle, and the owner still will not let you test ride the bike, then he may or may not be hiding something.

If you know ahead of time what make and model of bike you will be looking at—in, you can do some research before you go look at the bike. It is a good idea to have a better understanding of what you are looking at, or should be looking for when you look at the bike. When researching a certain motorcycle, Google can be your friend. As far as basics, it’s important to check the brakes, clutch, gas tank, tires, exhaust, and engine. Doing an online search to get any and all information available about the particular model of bike you’re looking at should be a must.

By assessing the overall general condition of the bike before you get too deep into the inspection, you can get a feel for the bike’s history and how it was cared for. If you could tell that it had never been repainted, that is a very good sign. This means the bike had never been laid down. Next, look for areas of the bike that might not have received any care or attention over the years. If the owner just simply hosed the dirt off of the bike once a month, you might find small areas of rust around areas like the cables and such. Another area to check is underneath the engine and transmission. If there are oil stains, it could mean that the owner gave the bike a quick clean up just for the sale.

You might be wondering why we mentioned checking the gas tank? You need to check and see if there is rust or grime (shellacked gas),in the tank. Rust can mean that the bike has been sitting, and/or was not properly maintained. If there is gas in the tank, how old is it, and how does it look and smell. It is easy to smell the difference between good and bad fuel.

The tires, engine, and exhaust are most likely three factors that you’ve already planned to check. Worn tires will need replaced, and that costs money. You need to know how old the tires are and how many miles have been put on them. Even tires with good tread might be dry-rotted and cracked—not safe.

The same idea can be evoked for the engine. Look for signs of neglect, and check the oil before starting the bike. When you do actually try to start the bike, how easily does it start?

Finally, if you do buy the bike, remember to get all of the proper documents (i.e. owner’s manual, service papers, warranty information, etc.) before leaving with your new-to-you motorcycle.

There are tons of bargains out there. Take advantage of them!

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Indian Motorcycle unveils Long Beach International Motorcycle Show plans

Indian Motorcycle unveils Long Beach IMS plans

News release

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its itinerary for the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, Calif., which takes place November 14-16 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Riders in southern California are encouraged to be among the first in the nation to take a demo ride on the stunning new 2015 Indian Scout, motorcycling’s hottest new middle-weight cruiser, the ultra-premium luxury touring Indian Roadmaster and the rest of the 2015 Indian Motorcycle lineup.

“With Scout reservations exceeding all expectations and inventory expected in dealerships by year end, we’re excited to give our fans in California a chance to be among the first in the country to take a demo ride on this beautiful new machine,” said Steve Menneto, vice president of motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “It’s a bike that delivers quickness, power, precise handling, balance and comfort, and at a starting price of $10,999 we think just about everyone who rides this bike will want to own one.”

Test Ride the Entire 2015 Indian Motorcycle Lineup

Long Beach riders are encouraged to test ride the all-new 2015 Indian Motorcycle line-up. Riders must be 18 or older, provide valid motorcycle endorsement and wear proper riding attire. Demos will be offered on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Experience History and History-in-the-Making at the Indian Motorcycle Exhibit

Visit the Indian Motorcycle booth to discover what Indian Motorcycle has been up to including a close-up look at the 2015 Indian motorcycle lineup, the Thunder Stroke 111 Engine Cutaway, Scout Engine Cutaway and more. We’ll have eye candy galore for bike lovers, including a beautifully restored 1935 Indian Chief as seen on “American Picker” on HISTORY, a Roland Sands Custom Indian Chieftain, the Indian Scout Custom 101 as ridden on the Wall of Death in Sturgis, and much more.

Apparel, Accessories & Giveaways

Check out the company’s 2015 casual wear, hats and gifts for sale and get a free 2015 Indian Motorcycle calendar with a $75 or more purchase. Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessories will also be on-display, including a Scout sporting an array of quick release accessories so riders can easily find the right fit. Attendees who stop by the exhibit and get their picture taken on an Indian motorcycle will receive a free gift, and Indian Motorcycle Rider’s Group members who show their membership card at the booth can receive an exclusive 2015 patch.

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On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter’ set for movie theaters

News release

Red Bull Media House in association with Freeride Entertainment announced it will release a new motorcycle documentary “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter” in theaters nationwide on November 7th. From director Dana Brown (“Step Into Liquid,” “Dust to Glory”), the film is a follow-up to the 1971 Academy Award-nominated documentary, “On Any Sunday,” directed by his father, Bruce Brown. The 90-minute documentary film features today’s powered two-wheel superstars including MotoGP riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, action sports superstar Travis Pastrana, freestyle motocross pioneer Robbie Maddison, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb motorcycle champ Carlin Dunne, women’s motocross champ Ashley Fiolek, motocross legend Doug Henry, custom motorcycle designer and former racer Roland Sands and one of the most successful riders in supercross history, James Stewart.

The film will release nationally throughout the major theatrical chains including Regal Entertainment, AMC Theatres, Cinemark and Carmike Cinemas on November 7th and is available for distribution worldwide. For showtimes and locations, visit Dolby, KTM and Skullcandy are official partners of the film.

“This is the first time a feature film from Red Bull Media House will have national theatrical distribution in the United States,” said Werner Brell, Managing Director of Red Bull Media House North America. “Releasing the film nationally gives us the opportunity to reach new audiences and excite those who ride, where they ride.


When “On Any Sunday” premiered in 1971, it wasn’t just any movie. Directed by Bruce Brown — who also helmed surfing classic “The Endless Summer” — this insider look at motorcycle culture reached a wide audience that was fascinated by the heartfelt stories of the men behind the bikes, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

Four decades later, “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter” shows that the passion for riding motorcycles is as strong as ever. Dana Brown directs this modern take on the original, capturing what it means to ride in the United States and abroad. The first feature film from Red Bull Media House shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD, the action and emotion are breathtaking: phenomenal athletes, revolutionary innovators, Hollywood stars and even visionaries who use motorcycles to save lives. “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter” is an exploration into the pursuit of excitement, passion and life in the world of motorcycle riding.

“When Red Bull Media House was looking to do a feature film on motorcycle riding, the first people we wanted to work with were the Browns,” commented Scott Bradfield, Head of Production and Development for Red Bull Media House North America. “The storytelling legacy that Dana Brown brings to why people ride is apparent in every aspect of the riders he documents in ‘On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter.’”

Director Dana Brown suggests that the timing was just right for a follow-up to his father Bruce Brown’s film, “On Any Sunday”: “Bikes are better, athletes have progressed, and there are so many disciplines now. In fact, we couldn’t possibly do justice to all of them in this 90-minute movie. We set out to show a cross- section of motorcycling today, and here’s hoping we’ve succeeded.”

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Western Power Sports acquires Marshall Distributing

Western Power Sports acquires Marshall Distributing

November 5, 2014

WPS (Western Power Sports, Inc.) and MDI (Marshall Distributing, Inc.) have agreed to terms by which WPS will acquire MDI, effective immediately. CEOs Craig Shoemaker (WPS) and Roger Marshall (MDI) have agreed to the deal after two weeks of negotiations that will see Cass City, Michigan-based MDI become part of WPS Distributing by spring 2015. The two distributors have been friendly competitors for many years, selling many of the same brands, and the move will serve to further strengthen WPS’ position within the powersports industry—the ultimate goal being an even higher level of service and delivery to its dealer network.

“We’re excited to continue the long term relationships the group of fellow enthusiasts at Marshall established throughout the years,” said Craig Shoemaker. “Like WPS, Marshall has a long and rich history in the powersports industry, and throughout their many years created lasting relationships with industry leading brands. Like Marshall, our dealers are not only our customers but many are like friends and family. I am excited about bringing the two together.”

“The merger of the two companies will benefit our dealer network by providing the same quality service with the added advantage of a broader product line for the dealers to choose from” said Roger Marshall who started manufacturing snowmobile windshields 46 years ago, the same year WPS started selling aftermarket snowmobile parts.

The immediate future will be business as usual at Marshall, with its Michigan and New York distribution warehouses continuing to fill daily orders; and inside sales, customer service, and tech support staff staying in place at its Michigan headquarters. WPS will begin the process of merging Marshall’s outside sales force with the existing WPS sales group over the next few months, with a goal of completing the merger as seamless as possible. More information will be forthcoming about the acquisition as details develop.

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Industry calls for action against side-by-side regulations

Industry calls for action against side-by-side regulations

November 6, 2014

Last week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted 3-2 to push forward a proposed rule for mandatory product standards for recreational off-highway vehicles. Now the industry is asking for help in fighting the rule.

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access is asking members to contact their representatives in Congress to prevent the rule from being passed. The ARRA’s plea was forwarded on by the Motorcycle Industry Council and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council on Wednesday.

According to the NOHVCC email, “The proposed rule, if ultimately approved, would limit the ability of ROV manufacturers to design vehicles to safely provide the level of performance that is expected by OHV enthusiasts. CPSC voted to move forward despite the fact that the proposed rule relies heavily on CPSC assumptions, rather than on scientific conclusions drawn from relevant testing or incident data. In addition, CPSC’s proposed rule would inappropriately apply standards developed for on-highway vehicles, without ensuring that those principles apply in off-highway environments. The rule also ignores the risk of unintended consequences for vehicle users.”

To read the CPSC’s 592-page briefing package, click here.

To send an email to your Congressional representatives, click here.

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Tbike1 Rebuilt after Crash

Thunderbike 1 re-build after accident. Tore down front end and replaced steering head bearings….new fork oil…Re-mounted new Headwinds headlamp 1-1/2″ further back into steering head. Looks way better IMHO, Installed Cyborg 3600 Lumen LED H4 headlamp bulb, that sucker is BRIGHT!…….aquired new Kuryakyn Constellation driving light bar and mounted with Kury’s new replacement LED bulbs. Brightest combo of forward lighting I have seen to date! Mounted new Dunlop Elite 3 radials front and rear….New grips and levers………..New larger Saddlemen sissybar pad for my poor ‘ol ageing back….. New DG Performance HardKrome Sideburner 2-1 pipes (growl!)….. New stator (had to pull cover anyway to fix pesky oil drip)…..Cleaned up a bunch of wireing and installed Run/Turn/Brake controller for new Rear LED Toombstone tailight and signals……Clean Clean and more clean! Wild Bill Custom paint has done as good of a job as Danny Martinez did 11 years ago. In some ways better. This shade of red is just a bit brighter and deeper and really pops in the sunlight. Front fender was done and delivered the friday before the accident. Just did not have time to install it thank God! Love the new paint! Reinstalled the original flame stitched Profiler Saddle by Saddlemen, Fixed/replaced forward control parts, Replaced ’03 rear fender with a ’98 rear fender with lower skirts, Replaced rear fender struts, Did I mention clean and clean again? The results are wonderful. Not bad for a 11 year old bike!

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T bike 1 Crashed on Interstate 5

Thunderbike 1 Takes a Lickin’ and kept on Tickin’ !!! (Story Re-posted from Metric Thunder Facebook Page)

My Guardian Angel was working overtime and I only suffered a small scrape on my forearm! THe bike took a beating on all for corners though. But amazingly I pulled off all the busted and dangling bits and rode her home! What a machine!

So I am riding home from Paso Robles after a weekend stay with my Stepson Mike for his father’s funeral on Saturday. Sunday Morning Mike and I take off on the bikes for a wonderful ride through coastal mountain roads and amazing fish tacos in Cayucos on the beach. Left Paso Robles around 3:30 pm for the ride home back to Riverside. Had just finished the stretch of hwy 46 and was about 10 miles down the Interstate 5 heading south when it happened.

Just cruising along in the slow lane at about 70 on the speedo. Cars were passing me in the fast lane but that’s OK, I am getting fuel mileage. I would speed up to pass the strung out semi trucks every so often but for the most part a nice ride. Then I notice traffic slowing down way ahead of me. Must be an accident up ahead so I roll off the throttle. Slowed down to about 50 approaching a another semi doing about 40 with intermitent brake lights. The fast lane is clear around him for a few hundred yards so I check next to and behind me and make the lane change.

Well just as I pull up along side the semi’s trailer still slowing down the car behind me musta been playing video games or something as he did not slow down and obviously did not see me signal my intended lane change. So here I am alongside the semi just inside the centerline when the car blows past me to the left IN MY LANE. His passenger side rear view mirror takes out the tip of my clutch lever as he goes by. The impact turns my bars into the semi. Now this is where the Guardian Angel, Instinct or whatever you want to call it kicks in. All I see is the semi’s trailer wheels to the right of me and with all my might I snatch the handlebars back to the left while kicking away from the bike. The bike hits the trailer’s tires square on the sidewalls and bounces back int the the fast lane. My pushing away from the bike got me out into the fast lane as well were I rolled a few times and and came to a stop with the bike sliding 15-20 feet ahead of me. I instantly look to see if I was going to be run over and somehow all traffic stopped and I was safe. Picked myself up off the ground, quick self exam…WTF! I am not hurt! Walked over picked up the bike and rolled it to the center divider and went back to pick up the busted bling scattered all over the road. Naturally the Dumbass never stopped. Called 911 and filed the report with the CHP (nice guy, also rides). A good Samaritan had stopped as well and bandaged my little scrap for me. Then the bleeder happend as I was pulling off the dangling turn signal. Got my right hand knuckle and she bandaged that too. So I inspect the bike, cut wires to dangling lights and stowed in the saddlebags. Damm, no front brake. Lever is busted off to a nub. I call my son and he brings me another lever. CHP stops traffic and I get back on the road and limp to the next rest stop where I wait for mike and the lever and rode ‘ol Thunder home. Amazing!

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Third Times a Charm for Thunderbike 1!

Yea it’s been a while since we’ve updated this section!
Some changes to the Tbike1 were done by JimJC to make it a daily
ride. They include:

  • 1.5″ diameter x 16″ Drag Specialties “Big Buffalo” Apehangers and Risers
  • Barnett/Goodridge Stainless steel braid cables and hoses
  • Jardine Forward controls
  • Kuryakyn flamed footpegs and shift/brake pegs
  • Mustang solo saddle (Got Half Crazy’s saddle off ‘ol yeller) {:>)
  • MC Enterprises solo saddle rail
  • Suzuki OEM solo fender Rack (to carry packages to the post office!)
  • Kuryakyn “switchable” backrest for VTX1300 (modified to fit)
  • GMan Industries stage 3 carburation and intake
  • Kuryakyn Constellation Driving lightbar (modified VS800 bracket to fit)
  • Wolo “Bad Boy” air horn (tucked inside the Pair valve cover with the backside cut out)
  • PC Racing’s FLO SS high performance washable oil filter
  • Gman Industries 2.0 gallon “Gtank” Aux fuel tank
  • Memphis Shades Fats 19″ windshield
  • National Cycle Chrome windshield lowers (modified to fit MS brackets)

    The conversion from bar room blaster to a true interstate superslabber
    is complete! What a joy to ride! And still wins trophies!

    TBike1……..Super Comfy!

    So Purdy! and Sooooo Ridable!

    Nice view of Kuryakyn Constelation lighbar and Chrome lowers

    Jardine forward controls with Kuryakyn Flamed Pegs adapted to fit.

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    Mike and Cathye’s Arizona Rides VTX1800 and VT1300

    Nice Honda VTX1800

    Also Nice Yamaha VT1300
    Couple of great rides for the Arizona climate!

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    Kevin Stanonis and his Honda VT750DC custom Shadow Sprit

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    Curt Johnson’s Well Appointed Suzuki C90.

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    Our good friend Magnus in Sweden got a impressive 20.45 HP increase on his Victory with S&S air kit and RPW Thor pipe from Metric Thunder!

    That’s what we are talking about! Bolt-on Horsepower! Nice!

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    New HK Velocity Pro 2-1 on New Zealand’s Derek Miller’s Sweet M109R

    Metric Thunder’s friend Derek Miller in Invercargill New Zealand sporting new Hard Krome Velocity pipes from Metric Thunder on his Suzuki M109R. NICE!!!!! Invercargill, that name should ring a bell for all you Indian fans! {:>)

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    Maria’s new Black Ceramic Cobra Sweepers on her Honda Fury…..NICE!

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    Frank Shows off his Sweet VTX1800 with Sideburners by Hard Krome

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    Showin off New Ceramic RPW Big Slash Pipes on Victory

    Rodney Carpenter Sent us a pic
    of his Vic with new RPW Big Slash pipes.
    NICE! Another happy Thunder Rider!

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    For used items why go to Ebay? Check out for deals on all kinds of used items in a yard sale format. Got something to sell? Contact Cheap Biker Stuff and geterdone! CheapBikerStuff>

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    Suzuki recreates the VL1500 Intruder as a totally new 1500T Intruder

    Suzuki 1500T Intruder (top) and M90 (bottom)

    Suzuki announces new 1500T Intruder for Euro Market. This bike shares the same engine/frame combo as the USA M90 but that is where the similarities end. Thanks to bolt-on parts the 1500T is a totally differant look/feel than the M90. Here’s the pics…compare for yourself!

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    Thunderbike Wins “Sickest Cruiser” at RollinHardRiders “2 Foster Independence” Rally!

    Metric Thunder is proud to support Foster Independence for at risk Teens and Foster Youth in our local community. The organizers stuck the Tbike in the bike show and it WON! Great day was had by all and for a wonderfull cause. RollingHardRiders is a So. Cal sportbike club, Great bunch too! Thanks Guys!

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    Thunderbike 1 makes centerfold of June Roadbike Mag!!!

    Once again RoadBike Magazine Features Metric Thunder in a 4-page spread commemorating the legacy of the first Thunderbike built by Bob Osias and Stuart Hamilton. It’s a tribute to Stuart (AKA “Limey”) who passed away shortly after the build. The bike still graces the store as a testament to bolt-on ingenuity. As the new owner I can also say it’s a blast to ride! Thanks RoadBike! JimJC

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    Check Out GMAN’s Bully fuel injection controller M109R

    With optimal performance and user friendliness in mind GMan has developed the Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R.

    GMan Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R ImageMetric Thunder Motorcycle Accessories is now carrying the Bully-M109R/M109RT, available in three pre-programmed Stages for your ease of Plug-n-Play operation. The GMan Bully M109R allows you to adjust up to 6 different modes at anytime, for those fine tuning tweaks or setup changes-without technical help or tools. Simply a touch of a button will make any change without interrupting your riding time! Metric Thunder carries

    GMan designed The Bully M109R/M109RT for maximum HP/Torque. Actual dyno numbers will vary, which is why we focus on increase percentages.

    The Bully allows for proper adjusting of the Fuel/Air ratios to allow the best possible increases for any setup…without maps, downloads or added expense.

    Get Your M109R Now
    Metric Thunder carries the GMas Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R/M109RT for $279.95 plus free shipping.

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    Contact Metric Thunder


    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Drop us an email


    Quick Contact Form

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    Thunder Rider Jim

    JimJC Rides with Metric Thunder as the new owner/operator.

    1999 was the only year that Suzuki produced a Red & White Intruder 1500LC and Jim’s done a great job with his…Here’s just a few of the mods he’s added to the bike: Continue reading

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    Metric & American Choppers & Bobbers

    Have Some Fun – Get Out & Ride is a young new attitude of Choppers and Bobbers.

    Choppers, Bobbers & Skate – That’s what they did during Daytona Bike Week 2009. See the boys at Stone Edge Skatepark, South Daytona, FL 32119, United States.

    Daytona Beach Bike Week is a motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Approximately 500,000 people make their way to the rally area for the 10-day event. The festivities include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals.

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    YouTube Tuesday: LC Brotherhood in the Smokies

    Have Some Fun – Get Out & Ride

    When Chuck Cameron invites you down to Pigeon Forge, TN, you better be ready to ride! The Suzuki 1500LC/C90 Forum’s Annual Smokin’ in the Smokies means having fun and getting off the computer.

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    Let’s Get Ready To Rumble for Spring

    Get Your Bike Out – It’s March! Here are some tips to get you out and rolling:

        1. If you took the battery out of the bike make sure it’s charged up before you re-install it.
        2. If you didn’t take it out make sure it’s charged up and the battery terminals are clean.
        3. Check the engine and primary oil and tranny fluid.
        4. Check the brake fluid levels and pads.
        5. Check the tires and their air pressures.
        6. Check the drive belt or chain.
        7. Check the cables.
        8. Check all the lights.
        9. Wash and dry the bike thoroughly and then wax it.
        10. Clean and polish the chrome.

    Bonus Tips

    1. Clean all the leather on the bike.
    2. Add octane booster.
    3. Make sure your riding gear still fits.
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    World Record Back Flip

    Have Some Fun – Get Out & Ride

    Mike Metzger (born 19 November 1975 in Huntington Beach, California) is an American Freestyle Motocross (FMX) rider. In the 2002 X-Games he won the Freestyle and Big Air events and got second place in Step Up, earning him an estimated $100,000 in three days. In 2003 he also got first place in Big Air. On May 4, 2006, at 9:26, Metzger completed “The Impossible Jump”, doing a world record backflip over the fountains in front of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, seen live on ESPN. He is the first person to complete a backflip over the fountains, and only the second person to ever successfully land that jump. The others to attempt the jump over Caesars Palace’s fountains include Evel Knievel, Gary Wells, and Robbie Knievel, of which only Robbie landed successfully. Not only did Metzger complete this jump whilst performing a backflip, but he also set the record for distance, landing 125 feet from the takeoff, ramp but later ending 2007 jeremy Twitch stenberg beat his record with a 160ft jump making backflip.

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    Grand National Roadster Show Update

    The Grand National Roadster Show celebrated its 60th year this past weekend in Pomona, CA. This premier event features hundreds of the best hot rods, customs, muscle cars, motorcycles, street machines and classic trucks found anywhere in the world and is the longest running indoor car show anywhere.

    Located in 9 buildings, the art on wheels included some of Big Daddy Roth’s creations to lowriders to motorcycles. In a few words… it had it all.

    The event is dedicated to those who spend long hours and considerable resources to create their automotive dreams. These craftsmen fashion with metal, fiberglass, fabric and chrome the automotive and motorcycle objects of art that enthusiasts of all ages can stand back and admire.

    Continue reading

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    Goin’ Down That Long Lonesome Highway…

    Have Some Fun – Get Out & Ride

    The song “Long Lonesome Highway” as aired on “Then Came Bronson”

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    Metric Thunder is Growing!!

    new store all.jpg

    We are moving the showroom to better serve our Customers

    As we move into our 7th year in business we are expanding our product offering, retail showroom and expertise to continue to provide the best customer service in the motorcycle industry. Here is a list of the improvements we are implementing this summer:

  • Larger retail showroom with more in-stock items in the store to see and try on
  • We are relocating the showroom on June 1, 2009 for easier customer access and visibility
  • We have expanded our Harley product line and launched to serve our H-D Customers
  • In addition to Metric and H-D cruiser products, we will also be adding Sport Bikes, ATV’s and Dirt Bike parts
  • Added two management level veterans to the team to assist in keeping the company at the top if the industry
  • new store jeff jim.jpg

    Jeff Lewin on his Street Glide and Jim “JC” Cantarini with his Suzuki Intruder 1500LC

    new shop-jeff.jpg Jeff started riding dirt bikes in Glamis, CA at the age of 12. “I had a Honda 90 and with my Dad’s help retro-fitted a 125 Yamaha engine. It wasn’t until I was 21 that I purchased my first street bike, a Kawaski 1000 LTD.” Jeff put about 20,000 miles on that puppy. “Before selling it I was getting too crazy on it, trying to pull wheelies, going over 100 mph etc. I guess middle age has mellowed me a bit…My current ride is 2006 H-D Street glide.”

    “I would say my favorite ride, would be to the Rock Store, we had 15 bikes along the coast, the weather was awesome and so was the company.”new shop rock store.jpg

    Here’s Thunder Bob & Son at the Rock Store last summer…

    Jeff is an experienced rider and business entrepreneur. He has owned a construction company for over 20 years, and has a very common sense approach to running a business and exceeding customer expectations, “I have never burned a bridge with any customers, and always try to make sure that they are my top priority, because with out them you might as well shut your doors.”

    new shop-jim.jpg Jim “JC” Cantarini has logged well over 100,000 miles on various motorcycles in his lifetime. He started riding at 15, back then you only needed a learner’s permit. “I would have to say that every ride is my favorite ride, except the time I rode from Bend Oregon to Riverside Calif in one day in a driving rain, snow, slush. THAT was miserable!” Jim also rides a Polaris 500 Predator ATV and wants to expand into the custom ATV parts arena and has made some preliminary steps towards that future. JimQuad.jpg

    Here’s Jim on a 500 Scrambler, before he traded up for the Preditor

    Jim spent the last 22 years working in Customer Service for Fleetwood RV’s. “I have learned that the customer is the boss, the customer pays our salary, and in order to succeed you have to Bring the Customer back to Sales through quality products, service and commitment to excellence. Metric Thunder has done those very things over the last six years. That’s why I am proud to step into an organization that has such a sterling reputation and will do my best to carry on with that tradition.”

    vtwin2.gif vtwinthunder.gif

    We’ve got the team, the products the service and new location to meet your motorcycle parts and accessories needs! So grab a pen or pencil and write down the important information below and check back often to look for the details of our grand opening in Corona!!!

    New Metric Thunder Location

      WHERE: 9036 Pulsar Court Unit H Corona, CA 92883 (Just off the 15 freeway between Weirick and Temescal Canyon Road, about 5 miles south of the 91 freeway)
      WHEN: We will be open for business on Monday, June 1, 2009

    Metric Thunder Map

    Click here for Mapquest
    and printed directions from your location.

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    Metric Thunder Now Features GMan Industries Products

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    YouTube Tuesday: New Rocket III Exhaust Pipe

    Have Some Fun – Power Up Your Rocket III

    D&D has built the latest Show-chrome Slip-on pipes for the 2008 Triumph Touring Rocket III motorcycles. They sound great and pump up the crazy power.

    At 2294cc its the worlds largest capacity production motorcycle. But, despite the impressive capacity of this amazing machine, it was designed first and foremost to be ridden. A good turning circle, seamless fuel injection and a low center of gravity combine to make maneuvering at low speed surprisingly easy.

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    Ducati Unveils Two New Monsters

    Ducati unveiled two new bikes destined for dealer show floors in 2009 ­ the Monster 1100 and 1100 S.

    Both bikes are powered by the two-valve 1100cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine that delivers 95hp at 7500rpm and 79.5lb-ft of torque at 6000rpm. The Monster 1100 weighs 372 lbs. whereas the Monster 1100 S ­ outfitted with a fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride coated Ohlins fork; progressive Öhlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping; and carbon fiber cam belt covers, silencer guards and front fender ­ loses 2.2 lbs. compared to the base model. Both versions come with removable single seat covers and micro-bikini fairings.

    The first public appearance for the Monster 1100/1100S will be at INTERMOT, the motorcycle trade fair opening in Cologne, Germany, on Oct. 8.

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    YouTube Tuesday: Hate Telemarketers? Listen Up

    Have Some Fun – Send Them to Jail

    Just when you thought it was safe to get a job at a call center, this prank phone call proves that Karma exists, and American’s can fight back when it comes to unsolicited calls.

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    Hey Crime Fighter – Lock Up Your Stuff

    Make The World a Better Place

    Thunder Bob has the Helmet Lock for your Kuryakyn ISO Grips in stock and ready to rock. Metric Thunder has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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    ROAD BURNER Delivers SLT-Sound Lowering Technology

    Excessive sound is one of the biggest hurdles that motorcycle riders have today. Loud pipes are no longer tolerated in many parts of the country now. Road Burner has been busy this past year developing our new SLT (Sound Lowering Technology). The patent pending technology reduces your exhaust sound to a reasonable level. We have Road Burners in our Red Tag Sale section, check them out.

    Continue reading

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    ROAD BURNER – Latest Answers 2 Exhaust Pipe Questions

    The Team @ Metric Thunder will answer some of the questions most commonly asked about Road Burner exhaust pipes. If you have a question not on this list feel free to contact us at sales @ or by calling our sales line at (866) 744-7900. Our office is open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm PST and 10:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday.

    Continue reading

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    YouTube Tuesday: Japanese Candid Camera

    Who Thinks Up This Stuff?

    This is one of the funniest videos. It’s from a Japanese prank show – I think. You will not need to know the language to get the gist of it. These guys put their money in and 10 seconds later they end up in a very cold place.

    It doesn’t get much better than this. If this was filmed in the good ole USA they would be sued and bankrupt in a heart beat.

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    YouTube Tuesday: 4 Wheel Motorcycle

    From Across The Pond

    KTM builds the cross bow hardcore car. Audi supplies the heart and KTM surrounds it with orange carbon fiber. It’s a European-spec machine that is coming to the US in 2009.

    KTM has used its know-how building lightweight but sturdy off-road motorbikes to full effect with the Crossbow. A carbonfibre monocoque ensures flex-free rigidity and low mass, while the Audi TT’s direct-injection 2.0-litre lump is mounted transversely just ahead of the rear wheels for poised weight distribution. The two passengers are sandwiched by twin rear-mounted radiators, and VW’s DSG twin-clutch gearbox will be offered. Suspension is by double wishbones all round.

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    Metric Thunder Clears up ’08 Election Confusion

    Latest Poll Reveals 430 New Demographics That Will Decide Election

    Tired of all those political TV commercials, newspaper articles and CNN political analysts? Metric Thunder is your One Stop Shop for clearing up the campaign clutter.

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    Captain Kirk For President

    SEX, VIOLENCE and BETRAYAL- Captain Kirk Goes To Washington

    The Captain answers some tough political questions brilliantly! Who needs a socialist commie or a RINO when we can have Captain Kirk in 2008! Pull My Finger – The square-jawed Capt. James T. Kirk, commander of the starship USS Enterprise shows true grit and a willingness to deflower anything in a skirt.

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    Midweek Sturgis Report

    Goldammer Crowned World Champion again!

    For an unprecedented third time, Canadian Roger Goldammer got the top honors being named the World Champion and overall winner of the Freestyle Class.

    After three and a half days of competition the Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building has drawn to a close. What began over a year ago with a series of 12 Affiliate shows, covering four continents and an estimated over 2,000 competitors, has culminated at the pinnacle of motorcycling’s Holy Grail, Sturgis, South Dakota.

    Continue reading

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    Vespa Kong

    The brave Vespa girl loves the big monkey. Mr. Kong loves the Red sled… a commentary on the battle of the sexes?

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    Sturgis Bike Week in the Black Hills

    Sturgis Bike Week 2008

    Thunder Dome

    Bikernet Party in Sturgis

    Even with overall Bike Week attendance down, the Bikernet Brouhaha was busy from the time the doors opened ‘til all the bike contest winners were announced late in the day. Continue reading

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    Comedy Central with an Abba Soundtrack

    New Government Secret Weapon – A Gun Toting Weiner Dog

    For your summer viewing pleasure we found a number of clips from Comedy Centeral that shows outstanding and painful physical comedy.

    The show is pulled together with an Abba soundtrack… perfect.

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    The Italian Job

    Moto Guzzi – A Vintage US Police Motorbike

    The Moto Guzzi California Vintage touring motorcycle is a motorbike that stretches back 37 years to the original V7 California, introduced in 1971.

    The California Vintage is, by design, reminiscent of the Moto Guzzi California Police motorcycles used by California Motor Officers.

    If you like the Moto Guzzi look then you will find the California Vintage a blend of retro and modern. It uses Moto Guzzi’s 1100cc 90° V-Twin, which is the company’s signature design.

    Continue reading

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    Thaw Your Bike Now for Spring!


    So if you are looking for great, affordable ideas to get you thinking “riding season” and some of the best deals around, you just found ’em in our RED TAG sales department.

    Red Tag Sale items are below our every day low prices, so hurry while supplies last! Click here for incredible savings on great stuff for your ride! Continue reading

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    Roadhouse Rumbles Back!

    After Weathering a Tough Transition, the Classic Exhaust Manufacturer Returns

    I hopped in the truck and took the 45 mile ride down to Lake Elsinore, CA to meet the new management team, tour the manufacturing facility and pick of a couple sets of pipes for our customers earlier this week. What I saw and heard first hand was very encouraging. Continue reading

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    YouTube Tuesday: Rambo LisaNova

    SEX, VIOLENCE and BETRAYAL-The Rambo LisaNova Story

    This is a true documentary of the she-woman that is known in the jungles of Nam as Rambo LisaNova.

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