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Bikernet Radio Gives Thunder Bob the Nod

Metric Thunder Bob and Hard Bikes on Bikernet Radio

Bandit from selected Thunder Bob to kick off Bikernet Radio. Over 300,000 bikers make Bikernet a monthly destination and many are listening in on TB.

Bill Rucker of Rucker Performance talks about his ground-pounding Assassin motorcycle. It sports a rubber mounted twin cam S&S engine, $5,000 billet front end, fuel injection, carbon fiber body work and Indy-style rear suspension. A check for $55,000 will put one of these tire shedders in your garage.

TB is running the table over at Bandit’s home brew biker site. Check the air play at Bikernet Radio or click the links below.

Listen Now

It takes a couple of seconds for the audio to begin. The radio show is approximately 35 minutes.

Download Hardbikes [mp3: 5.3M]