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Want More Saddle Time? We can help!

Ride more – Call in Sick

Use Technology To Increase Time on Your Motorcycle

Have you ever checked the weather forecast the night before and found out the next day would be a perfect day to spend in the saddle? Well, Team Metric Thunder has found a way for you to take the time off from work that you need and deserve.

Metric Thunder recommends Call-In-Sick and gives it 5 sparkplugs out of 5 for those of you that would like to increase the amount of time you get on your motorbike.

Who wants to wakeup at the crack of dawn to avoid talking to the boss and pretend to sound sick?

Plan the sick day in advance and leave an early morning message to a message service. Call-In-Sick does the heavy lifting. Now you can call in sick from any place at any time.

Call-In-Sick Features

  • It’s FREE!
  • Your caller-id on your outgoing call
  • Schedule the call anytime of the day or night
  • Re-record your message and play it back until you have perfected the perfect sick sounding call
  • Confirmation delivery of your message sent as a text message to your cell phone

A Little Sick Trivia

  • Men are twice as likely to call in sick as women when they are actually fine
  • Parents are no more likely to call in sick than their co-workers

Call-In-Sick is easy. Call 561.214.8030 and a young woman talks you through the process. “So you wanna call in sick, huh?â€? the taped voice says. With Call-In-Sick you can record your sick message the night before then schedule it to be sent directly to your boss’s phone early in the morning without you even getting out of bed!

Speaking of Saddle Time

Metric Thunder has introduced a new Thunder Saddle program that allows you to:

  • Create your own design
  • Copy a design or tattoo
  • Select from an inventory of custom designs

flamer21.jpgOnce a design is determined, we stitch it into the design of your saddle. Metric Thunder collaborates with Saddlemen in the plan and production. Check out our latest custom Thunder Saddle graphics right here.