The Tattoo Contest is Heating Up!

Down here at Tattoo Central we are seeing a lot of good tats coming in. Here is a sample that was recently passed along to our judge Bandit from

It is one of many we have seen that we really like. Bandit is going to have a challenge in picking a winner for November 2006.

You Still Have Time to Enter

If you have a bear, skull, moon, gothic design or anything in between there is still time for you to enter the November contest. 2006 Tattoo Contes at metric THunder

The Tattoo Details

Each month we will pick the best looking tattoo that we receive and make a custom Thunder Saddle with the Tattoo embossed on the saddle. Each saddle comes equipped with Saddlemen’s Saddle Gel. Saddle Gel makes an incredibly comfortable seat and allows you to stay on your motorcycle for longer periods of enjoyable riding.

How to Enter the Thunder Saddle Contest

Entering is easy. Just send an email to: with your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Picture of you and your tattoo
  • Year and model of motorcycle

Contest Rules – Click here for rules and details.

Want a Saddle Right Now

flamer3.jpgIf you are itching to get a custom Thunder Saddle to complete the look of your bike then call Thunder Bob at (866) 744-7900 right now. Or email him at Click here to see our latest Thunder Saddle designs.

Thunder Saddles are made in the USA by Saddlemen for Metric Thunder

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