Honda Shadow Spirit 750 Gets a New Look in ’07

For 2007, Honda has radically revamped the popular Spirit 750.

Changes to the Spirit 750 start with a 21-inch front wheel (instead of the previous bike’s 19-incher). There is a more aggressive handlebar. A very slightly larger 3.7-gallon tank carries. Now one piece, the seat drops dramatically from the re-contoured rear fender with its integrated taillight, settling over an inch lower at 25.7 above the road. The 41mm fork offers .5 inch less travel than the 2006 model, but the dual have .3 inch more stroke.

Honda Shadow Spirit 750 The new Shadow Spirit with red flame paint option

However, the big news is the 750 Spirit’s switch to new drive train with shaft final drive. The changes include a new frame and engine. The wheelbase is two-tenths of an inch longer than the 2006’s chain-drive Spirit’s, now 65 inches. The motorcycle gains about eight pounds. We expected to see fuel-injection to accommodate 2008 emissions standards, but the new Spirit uses a single 34mm CV carb like Honda’s other 750 cruiser, the Aero. The Spirit wears a new teardrop-style airbox, and has slightly different muffler shapes than the previous Spirit 750. The 2007 Spirit 750 is priced at $6,449 in black, titanium or red or $6,649 with the black/red pinstriped flame.

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