Let the Fun Begin – 3 Motorcycles for Beginners

1) Honda Rebel 250

In the cruiser market, in case you haven’t heard, the oft-repeated mantra is that size matters. The Honda Rebel is an ideal first bike because of its good looks, good brakes (disc in front), great mileage and of course Honda reliability. So in this instance, small size does matter!

The Rebel 250 runs on a proven twin-cylinder 234cc SOHC four-stroke engine that is smooth, quiet, economical and easy to maintain. The Rebel is based on the same motor as the popular Nighthawk.

The low seat height of only 26.6 inches allows even the most vertically challenged individual to keep their feet on the ground at stoplights.

New for 2007: Candy dark red color joins classic black.

Entry-level riders eager to explore the new world of motorcycling won’t find a better riding companion than the durable, comfortable and stylish Rebel. And at $3,199 it will fit comfortably on most credit cards.

Live to ride - Ride to Eat Click here to visit the Honda Rebel site. (Opens in a new window.)

3 Beginner Motorcycles

2) Kawasaki Eliminator 125

The Eliminator is the smallest cruiser sold in America at 125 cc. While no one will mistake it for a Kawasaki ZX-14 in the power department, it has plenty of grunt for surface streets and in congested areas. Freeways are probably a stretch for this motorcycle.

The classic cruiser styling, friendly powerband, balance, light weight, responsiveness and tight turning radius makes this little guy a joy to ride.

New for 2007: Galaxy Silver

The Eliminator 125’s styling features a stepped seat with laid-back riding comfort for two, a stretched 3.4-gallon fuel tank, straight-flow exhaust and chrome-plated single headlight. With a retail of $2,649 it is less than some scooters and a nice bang for the buck.

Live to ride - Ride to Eat Click here to visit the Kawasaki Eliminator site. (Opens in a new window.)

3 Beginner Motorcycles

3) Buell Blast

The Buell Blast is the largest displacement of the bunch and is powered by a 492 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. It packs plenty of low- to mid-range torque for everyday ridability.

It’s the smallest choice in the Harley/Buell line and is lightweight, nicely balanced and a very capable corner-carver.

Unlike the Kawasaki 125, the Blast offers enough horsepower and top end chutzpah to keep you and a passenger easily running around town or down the highway.

As with all Buell motorcycles the muffler is located below the engine to promote a low center of gravity and keep the exhaust away from the legs of the rider and passenger.

The 2007 Blast comes in at $4,695. The investment is greater as well as the acceleration, brakes and horsepower.

Live to ride - Ride to Eat Click here to visit the Buell site. (Opens in a new window.)

By Jeffrey Najar
Details: Thunder Bob directed me to present a few intro crusier motorcycles for beginners. You can often find these bikes in MSF motorcycle training courses because they are easy to learn on and easy to use. If you have additional choices please send them along with your experience and we will add them to our list.

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