Stratoliner – Yamaha’s New Flagship Bike

The Yamaha Star Stratoliner heart is a powerful 1854cc air-cooled, pushrod v-twin engine. It’s the signature model for the new Star brand image.

The Stratoliner expresses that pleasing 1930s Art Deco/ Streamline Moderne design that was influenced by technologies in aviation, ballistics, and other fields requiring high velocity. Streamline Moderne evokes movement and speed while standing still.

The Stratoliner is pleasing to the eye and delivers a positive experience in the saddle. Yamaha spent significant time and effort on the components to build an outstanding motorcycle. The air cooled engine delivers horsepower and torque numbers comparable to the established liquid-cooled brethren. (No small feat.)

Hard Krome Comments on the Star Stratoliner I think this is one of the best motorcycles I have ever driven. I got a chance to ride a pre-release model and it had everything… looks, power, handling and did I mention power?
– Mark Dooley Hard Krome President

What impresses most about the Stratoliner is the attention to detail the designers gave the bike. You’ll notice while eyeballing the handlebars that the handgrips are curved and molded in the Art Deco style and provide better ergonomics. The closer you look at the bike, the more you notice these fine details that weren’t just plucked from the universal Yamaha parts bin.

The big reflector-optic headlight does an exceptional job of lighting the road at night. The quick-detach windshield deflects wind top and bottom and doesn’t create any buffeting. You can lift it off in seconds without using tools.

Star has also recognized more than most of its competitors that customization is at the core of the customer experience with cruisers. At Metric Thunder we have a lot of accessories that can customize your Star and increase your satisfaction with your bike. All of our Star goodies are just one click away.
– Thunder Bob

Key Features for 2007

  • A pair of streamlined leather-covered, locking, hard sidebags, an adjustable, detachable windshield, and a detachable passenger backrest make the Stratoliner excellent for long hauls and short trips.

  • Cycle World magazine’s Best Cruiser for 2006

  • Twin-bore downdraft fuel injection ensures optimum engine efficiency and throttle response in the widest possible range of conditions.

  • Neo-streamline design

  • Long and low aluminum frame provides great looks and light handling unlike any other full-size cruiser, thanks to near 50/50 weight distribution on the front and rear wheels.

    For additional details, pricing and specifications, take a look at the Star Stratoliner web page . (Opens in a new window.)

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