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Get a Grip on the Holiday Season

Kuryakyn Is the #1 Maker of Metric Cruiser Aftermarket Parts – Get a Grip on the Holiday Season

Kuryakyn ISO-Grips fit just about any popular cruiser, metric or American. These are the grips everyone likes. They are the biggest seller and consistently perform well.

The Kuryakyn ISO-Grips fit well and isolate vibration and reduce the buzz that you get in your hands when riding long distance.

Kuryakyn designers are constantly working to improve the look and performance of your Harley and Metric cruiser. Metric Thunder has all the goodies that you need for the holiday season.

Kuryakyn ISO-Grips Details
Depending upon your make/modle, the stock throttle sleeve is either re-used or replaced. An easily cut spacer is included to accommodate bars of differing lengths. Super hi-strength adhesive and easy step by step installation instructions are included.

Evaluate your Sled
Often times grips are the first to be modified on a bike. With Kuryakn you can continue the look throughout the bike including levers, mirrors and controls. The integrated design not only is pleasing to the eye, it increases functionality of the motorcycle.

Stiletto Caps for ISO Grips
Shown here is the stylish end caps for the ISO Grips. They are solid machined heavy weight steel (4.3oz each) for extra vibration damping. Installation is a snap. Simply replace the existing end cap on Kuryakyn ISO Grips.

Kuryakyn for the holidays

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