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A Custom Thunder Saddle is Perfect for XMAS

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Create Your Own Saddle

Metric Thunder’s Thunder Saddle program offers you an outlet for your creativity. It provides the perfect opportunity to pull together all the design elements of your customized motorcycle.

Saddle Individuality

Create your own design and experience a show stopping feature on your motorcycle. No other rider will roll with your own personal design.

With the Thunder Saddle program you can develop your own design, copy your tattoo or select from our corporate designs posted below. The saddle is one of the last and most important areas to customize a motorcycle.

To get started call direct at (866) 744-7900 or email Thunder Bob at

20 New Thunder Saddle Design For Your Sled

Metric Thunder has a new series of Thunder Saddle designs. Each design is stitched into the saddle in relief. The raised design adds texture and personality. Underneath the design lies Saddle Gel, which increases comfort and riding longevity.

Thunder Saddles from Metric Thunder

Thunder Saddle Technology – Saddle Gel

Saddle Gel – Reduces Vibration, Eliminates Pressure Points – By evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat, SaddleGelâ„¢ absorbs and elminates the extra pressure that is normally experienced at hip bones and the tail bone. These pressure points or “hot spots” create a loss of blood flow, causing discomfort. By increasing circulation, comfort is enhanced.

Saddle Gel provides:

  • Redistributes weight over a larger surface area.
  • Reduces high-pressure points or “Hot Spots”.
  • Dissipates weight concentrated by hip joints.
  • Increases blood flow previously restricted by compression of muscle

Next Steps

flamer3.jpg If you would like to get your own Custom Thunder Saddle embroidered with your own design then call Thunder Bob at Metric Thunder. Dial direct at (866) 744-7900 or email him at