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Big Al Talks Mustang Saddles

Big Al Talks Mustang Saddles

Road Sofa Softy-Saddle for Hard Bikers – Mustang Seats are super soft. Thunder Bob stopped in and spoke with Al Simmons about Mustang and what makes his seat different from the rest.

How Good Are Mustang Seats?

Mustang’s Studded Touring saddle was magical on the ride. I mean it. Not for one single second of the 34.46 hours I used to cover 2565 miles did my butt hurt. Not once. I couldn’t believe it, nor could anyone I checked in with regularly. “Does it hurt yet?” they’d ask. I’ve never, in all my seat time, had this experience. See, I basically have no butt, just bone, and this lack of padding can make eve a day-ride a pan. I simply must have one of these seats in my life…in my office, actually. – Jamie Elvidge

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