Saddlemen’s Tool Bag

You’re ride’s beaudacious, curvaceous, and voluptuous, but maybe just a little dull. Ready to buff her up for a night out on the town? Well you can buff her anywhere when you are sporting a Saddlemen Tool Bag. They look good, come in designer black and have plenty of room to fit everything. Check one out for yourself.

Not just for tools, these stylish bags strap on easily to any luggage rack, frame down-tubes or almost anywhere. The lid closes securely with Leather straps and locking roller buckles and chrome studs.

Saddleman’s easy mount system makes for fast and secure installation on all sissybars. Rigid construction maintains shape when empty Weather resistant design and materials.

Details: 11″ x 4.5″ x 3.5″ (170 cu. in. capacity)

Get your tool bag now!

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