Kuryakyn Throttle Boss – For the Long Haul

At Metric Thunder, we vigilantly sort through motorcycle parts and accessories to bring you only the best in motorcycle technology. Sometimes the most innovativeproducts are of the simplest design.

Take, for example, The Throttle Boss. Added to the popular Küryakyn ISO-Grips, this little jewel of a gadget can make all the difference in the world on a long ride.

The Throttle Boss is a small adjustable paddle that is positioned under the palm of one’s throttle hand. This allows the driver to slightly relax the grip on the gas and still maintain a constant speed—muscle stiffness and fatigue due to prolonged cruising at a steady pace is significantlyreduced.

Fits all ISO-Grips. A new redesigned rubber pad permits use on both grips for a matched set.


We also have an ISO Flame Kit that includes:

  • Kuryakyn ISOâ„¢ Flame Grips (2)
  • Kuryakyn Throttle boss (1)
  • Kuryakyn Stiletto End Caps (2)
  • Kuryakyn ISOâ„¢ Rings in your choice of colors (2)
  • Metric Thunder has all the Kuryakyn products that you need. That’s why our customers say that we are the motorcycle parts and accessories king!

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