Videocast Interview with Hard Krome

Thunder Bob Out at Indy
Thunder Bob was out trolling the Dealer Expo in Indy and hooked up with the pros at Hard Krome. They have new technology and a new look. Check it out.

About Hard-Krome Pipes
Every Hard-Krome pipe is designed to not only fit great on your bike, but look great too. Extra steps are taken in the manufacturing process of our True Doublewall design to make sure that fit and finish is perfect. We don’t make any compromises in the way we build our pipes, because you don’t make any compromises.

No Blue Pipes
True Doublewall construction was created to eliminate bluing — a pipe within a pipe! Because of the way they’re designed and made, this unique feature keeps every Hard-Krome pipe looking beautiful from Day One.

Click the Center of the Screen to See Video

Photography and Video provided by George Emmons Najar of Horsepower Marketing

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