Looking for Inspiration? Check out Arlen Ness’s new book

In the beginning, there was Arlen Ness. Before Jesse James, Billy Lane, and the battling Teutuls, Arlen Ness started the business of building celebrity choppers.

Arlen Ness: The King of Choppers takes you through the whole of Arlen’s career as a builder of what have become some of the classiest, artistic choppers out there. It’s the story of one man’s initial investment in a $300 knucklehead and the passion that drove him to escalate his love for motorcycles into a multimillion dollar chopper business.

Chock full of pictures, The King of Choppers features a breathtaking collection of Ness’s bikes, from the all-green Smooth-Ness (based on the 1932 Bugati Roadster) to the Ferrari Bike– a red, twin blower, twin nitrous, quad carb creation with a car tire in the back, because the fat tires of today hadn’t been developed yet. You’ll notice that the nice thing about Ness’s creations is that they’re actually rideable, unlike the ridiculously hyped-up bells and whistles gigs you find TV.

Metric Thunder highly recommends this book. And you don’t have to be a chopper guy to enjoy its message: With hard work and passion, the American dream can come true.

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