Skull Toaster, Baby!

Wouldn’t you love a toaster that did skull and cross bones on the old white wheat? This in from our good friend Cyril Huze.

Since many of you have a weakness for skulls & bones, here the right way to start your day. Look attentively at the picture. The slice of bread out of this toaster has skull and crossbones grilled on it. I am sure that skulled toasts are going to be the start of very interesting conversations. The toaster itself makes a statement about who you are and maybe what you ride. It’s funky, funny and I would like to order one to offer to the lady who is cooking my breakfast during the 10 days of Daytona Bike week. But it’s made in Germany and I am still looking for the distributor in the US. Stay tuned.
– Cyril

Our team at Metric Thunder is on the hunt for the bad beauty. If you happen to run acorss them before we do, give us a ring. We want to run up the Jolly Roger with jelly each morning too!

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