May, 2007 Archive

Kuryakyn Depot: Motorcycle Mirrors

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
Turn Signal1.jpg

Have a jones for Kuryakyn? Our warehouse bulges with gear. Check out our selection of Turn Signal Mirrors. Continued »

Kuryakyn Glare Professional Polish

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Get an orgasmic shine with Glare Professional Polish

You’re ride’s beaudacious, curvaceous, and voluptuous, but maybe just a little dull. Ready to buff her up for a night out on the town? Continued »

Karma “Foot-tra” Baby!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
Passenger Constellation Floorboard

More Positions – The Better the Ride

At Metric Thunder, we know: The more positions, the better the ride. And we like customizing cruisers for both Continued »

YouTube Tueday: Licking Problem

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Charles has a licking problem… Ode to Charles Continued »

Dane Shows The Pain

Saturday, May 26th, 2007
Dane’s Tattoo

Tattoo Contest – Just in from The Dane – Phoenix In Fire tattoo. Continued »

Kuryakyn Gran-ThrowOver Bags

Saturday, May 26th, 2007
Kuryakyn Saddle Bags

She says, “Hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more.â€? Well, that’s OK with you because, not only do you have a pair of dynamite wheels, you’ve got some awesome Kuryakyn Gran-ThrowOver Bags to pack your stuff in. Continued »

Kuryakyn Widow Pegs, Baby

Saturday, May 26th, 2007
Widow Pegs

Running Honda – Suzuki – Ace – Star – Kawasaki – Life is in the details, and at Metric Thunder, we believe its details like the Widow Footpeg that will distinguish your bike from all the others.

Sporting an original, venomous spider design from Kuryakyn, the Widow Footpeg is Continued »

Rinehart Pipes Mean Bid-ness

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
The Rinehart by BUB 2-into-1 system have big power, dyno proven and a sound all on its own.

Some guys are followers. Some guys are wannabes. You’re definitively neither. No, you’re strong, decisive…powerful.

And on a bike with a Rinehart 2-1, there will be no questions (and no back talk) Continued »

Dyna Rinehart-flush – It’s a Rush

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
Flush Pipes

Swing a leg over a bike with a Rinehart-flush exhaust, and you’re in for one hell of trip, brother. Second to none in both torque and overall horsepower, the Rinehart-flush boasts Continued »

YouTube Tuesday: What a MC Sounds Like

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Did you know that a MC sounds just like its name? It’s true and we have proof. Check it out. Continued »

YouTube Tuesday: Help Desk Assistance

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Ok, you really want to know what goes on behind the scenes at the Internet Help Desk. We got it for you right heeear. Continued »

Winner Sedley Talks Thunder Saddle

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Hey Thunder Bob!

I got the seat today… It looks AWESOME… Man did you all do good work on it!
Paul Sedley
Continued »

May’s Tattoo Contest

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Our Thunder Saddle Contest, sponsored by Saddlemen, for May is on! Continued »

25th Anniversary Laughlin River Run

Friday, May 11th, 2007
Laughlin River Run

The 2007 Laughlin River Run Mark’s its 25th Anniversary

The weather was great and the bikes came out in numbers to enjoy this year’s run. Continued »

Metric Thunder is Handing Out Saddles like Candy

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
Metric Thunder is giving away a custom Thunder Saddle each month. These saddles are the most exclusive saddles and most comfortable saddles every made. They are very cool because each saddle represents your tattoo.

Metric Thunder’s Thunder Saddle Contest is a Hit – To date Metric Thunder has handed out $3,245 worth of custom saddles! And your turn could be next. Just send us a pic of your tattoo. Details below… Continued »

Stand Behind the Good, Old U.S. of A.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
The patriotic kit includes everything… both the American flag and a plain, customizable white flag to help you stand out at the next rally. (Flags measure 6″ x 8″.)

At Metric Thunder, we stand behind the good, old U.S. of A. and fly the stars and stripes. Tell the world you’re a die-hard American with this Antenna Flag from the firm that originates from the heart of the Midwest, Kuryakyn. Continued »

YouTube Tuesday: Poker Gone to the Dogs

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

World renown Jilli dog performing card tricks. 5lbs of rough and tumble making it happen for your fun and entertainment. Continued »