New Liquid-Cooled Buell Hits the Street

Metric Thunder files this report: Company Marks 25 Years of Building American Sport Motorcycles with the new Buell 1125R Superbike

Two Milestones: 1 New Bike / 25 years of Service
Two major milestones will mark the 2008 model year for the Buell Motorcycle Company. As Buell celebrates its 25th year of building innovative American sport motorcycles, it also makes a significant move into a new category with the introduction of the Buell 1125R, an all-new high-performance sportbike powered by an 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.

The New Buell 1125R Superbike
The Buell 1125R is the first model on an all-new Buell platform, and is one of nine models in a 2008 Buell line-up that also includes five bikes in the Lightning streetfighter series, the original sportfighter XB12R Firebolt, the XB12X Ulysses adventure-sportbike, and the single-cylinder Buell Blast.

In 1983, I set out to build a world-class American racing motorcycle. That project turned out to be the first step on a journey of many exciting twists and turns for the Company and our riders. It’s really perfect timing to be able to celebrate a significant anniversary in a year when we launch the Buell 1125R, a motorcycle that applies all of the lessons we’ve learned over a quarter-century, and rolls out new ideas and innovation. I think the Buell 1125R delivers a combination of performance, intuitive handling and athleticism that will redefine the superbike riding experience.
– Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer at Buell Motorcycle Company.

An all-new model set to break the convention of the superbike category, the Buell 1125R is powered by the Buell 1125R Helicon engine, an 1125cc DOHC liquid-cooled V-Twin cradled in a Buell Intuitive Response Chassis. The Helicon was specified by Buell and designed in partnership with BRP-Rotax, one of the premier recreational engine manufacturers in the world. It was designed to Buell specifications and is exclusive to Buell and will be manufactured in Austria by BRP-Rotax. The most-powerful street-legal engine ever offered by Buell, the Helicon engine is rated at 146 crankshaft horsepower, and delivers optimized usable power, with a broad powerband across its 10500 rpm range. Buell finally gets liquid cooling in the Buell 1125R Superbike, an all-new high-performance sportbike powered by an 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.

Its V-Twin design retains the styling and character that has always defined the Buell riding experience.

Buell Trilogy of Technology
The engine is cradled in a new Buell Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC) with massive, rigid aluminum spars that double as the fuel reservoir. The new 1125R sticks to the three tenets of the Buell Trilogy of Technology – chassis rigidity, low unsprung weight and mass centralization – to deliver race-inspired agility and handling. The all-new front fairing and radiator cowling was developed using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models to provide superior aerodynamics, rider comfort, and efficient air flow to longitudinal radiators and a ram-air intake system.

Buell finally gets liquid cooling in the Buell 1125R Superbike, an all-new high-performance sportbike powered by an 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. New Buell Technology
The front wheel is supported by 47 mm inverted forks. A new Buell ZTL2 front brake features an eight-piston caliper based on the brake developed for the Buell XBRR racing motorcycle. A smooth-shifting six-speed transmission is mated to a new HVA (Hydraulic Vacuum Assist) Slipper Action clutch that uses engine vacuum to boost clutch-lever action and to provide a “slipper” effect when the engine is down-shifted at speed. A new underslung muffler has dual brushed stainless steel outlets.

The Buell 1125R offers an athletic riding position. Quiet Zone aerodynamics are achieved by managing air flow around the rider for enhanced performance and comfort. The toe levers on both the brake and shift foot controls are adjustable to match rider foot size. The instrument cluster features a large analog tachometer and a digital speedometer, plus an Onboard Diagnostic Information System (O.D.I.S.) screen and other interactive features. The fairing shape is inspired by the Buell XBRR and features six-bulb headlamps. LED turn signals are integrated into the mirror housings.

Utilizing the Buell Trilogy of Tech principles and computer-modeled aerodynamics, the 1125R is designed to deliver the precise handling that has defined Buell for 25 years with a new level of engine performance. Buell developed this powertrain to meet a customer experience specification. It delivers the power of a superbike with the abundant torque characteristics of a V-Twin for outstanding overall performance and tractability.

Buell Colors
The Buell 1125R is available with Midnight Black bodywork, Diamond Blue wheels, Diamond Blue frame and swingarm, and Fusion Bronze engine trim.

Buell finally gets liquid cooling in the Buell 1125R Superbike, an all-new high-performance sportbike powered by an 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.

Thunderstorm V-Twin Updates
Buell advances the performance of its air/oil/fan-cooled Thunderstorm V-Twin engine series with a larger crank pin, an improved oiling system, and a new electronic timing system and ECM that controls an all new DDFI 3 fuel injection system. Combined, these changes improve drivability and performance, and reduce service maintenance costs. The Thunderstorm V-Twin engine powers all models in the Buell XB platform. Thunderstorm V-Twin Updates

New Front End on XB12X Ulysses
The XB12X Ulysses adventure sportbike has new off-set 47 mm inverted front forks and robust off-set triple clamps that reduce fork flex under hard braking. Steering sweep is increased from 54 to 74 degrees for improved low-speed off-road maneuverability, and the Ulysses now comes with standard heated hand grips.

New Front End on XB12X Ulysses

About Buell Motorcycle Company
Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc., produces premium sport performance motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. To learn more about Buell motorcycles, visit your local Buell dealer and experience the aggressive attitude, style and performance only found on board a Buell. For the Buell dealer nearest you, pull into

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