Is That a Hemi in Your Bike?

Who doesn’t want a HEMI? Revolution Performance Motors provides high quality 4=valve engines and head sets for your V-Twin needs.

Their patented Hemi 4- Valve heads move 1.5 times more air than the stock 2 valve head. (That means more HP) Due to the hemispherical design of the heads and the position of the spark plug in the center of the chamber, engines are able to run less timing advance.

This allows the engine to run higher compression without pinging or knocking. A 96 cu. in. 2 valve motor can make 70-80hp. The same motor with our Hemi 4 Valve Head kit installed makes 90-100HP. These Hemi Head Kits will fit any Evo or aftermarket V-Twin engine up to 125 cu. inch. From 3.5″ bore up to 4.25″. RPM Hemi

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