eBay Special Construction – V6 Roadster

Found this little gem on eBay. It’s got history and probably needs a pile of work. But it is an interesting little project!
– Mouser

2.5 V6 Alfa Romeo engined motorcycle the “Alfabeast”, all aluminum overhead cam V6 shoe horned into a Kraftek frame with a 4-speed Harley transmission driven from a one off ( I still have the wooden pattern), cast primary case. Kickstart only, which is actually not too hard because of the number of cylinders. The original Harley front engine mount and transmission mount have been retained so you could always convert back to a crate Harley engine……..you can’t go wrong, it’s bargain!!!

This motorcycle has been featured in: The Horse, Back Street Heroes, Custombike (Germany) and is due to come out in a Romanian magazine, I’ve not really promoted this bike much so there’s probably more glory to had.


Love that exhaust noise!!!

The engine is rebuilt with new bearings and rings, it was in perfect condition before but since I had to strip it down to machine the block, it made sense to replace any wear parts. The tranny has new shafts, gears and bearings.

Six individual 4 ft exhaust pipes, pair of downdraft webers. Kawasaki ZXR750 front forks, discs and calipers. Cooling system with thermostatic switched fan on both oil cooler and water radiator, I rode it around at Daytona bike week one year and it didn’t overheat in the traffic.

This is a high maintanance motorcycle, more of a bar hopper than a daily rider, DO NOT expect to be able to ride this into work every day of the year. Still needs some work getting the carbs dialed in at hi-revs, I’ve done a few hundred miles on it and rides well for its size Comes with a special construction title.

So you got to have it? Well, last time I checked it was $8,000 on eBay. Click here for details.

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