Thinking of Adding a Wheel? Try Triking!

Conceptually similar to the Morgan three-wheelers, the TRIKING combines modern technical features and vintage styling. The TRIKING is an open two-seater three wheel sports car, front engined and rear wheel drive. Triking Cyclecars are building kits and completed units with a Moto Guzzi engine.

The GRP body is wrapped around a steel backbone chassis with a steel space frame. The bonnet and rear section are detachable. A small luggage room is provided behind the seats. Independent front suspension and disc brakes, at the rear swinging arm and drum brake. The interior is beautifully upholstered, the wooden facia complete.

In action it is a surprisingly quick machine, due to the very high power to weight ratio. Acceleration is comparable to rather exotic cars. It has no pretentions to aero dynamics, top speed is around 160kmph, relaxed and comfortable motoring on bending B-roads is quite entertaining. However roads with rising gradients or mountain passes allows a TRIKING driver to demoralise most drivers of high performance cars.

In short a TRIKING gives you the driving satisfaction you deserve.

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