YouTube Tuesday: Tribute to Wino Willy

Boozefighters are a motorcycle club that is quoted in the San Diego’s The Irish Herald as “The only 12-steps was no more than 12 steps from the bar.�

BFMC (BFMC refers to the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.) was #1 when outlaw meant non-AMA not criminal.

They created a real biker image that newsmen then Hollywood perverted into the one wanabes worship. BFMC is riding 500 miles, winning races then having so much fun all of the locals joined in.

This is a tribute song from the Charlie Brechtel Band.

Charlie Brechtel doesn’t simply take us on a serious ride into the rock and heavy blues that propel the soundtrack to this way of life…he explores just what it means to be a real biker…he explains, through his music, just what the legendary personalities in this lifestyle represent…he examines how the history of American motorcycles and the people who ride them have changed society forever.
– Bill Hayes
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