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– Coinciding with Ricky’s visit to New York for his sell-out American stand-up debut, David Letterman’s Late Show invited Ricky to appear for the eighth time on the show… May 16th, The Late Show, CBS – Ricky Gervais on Letterman 23.01.07

The Rickster also has a podcast, which can be found at iTunes. He’s offbeat and quick. Gervais is becoming a star of the silver screeen, television and podcast.

From His Website – A Star is Born

Stardust set to premiere autumn 2007 – Starring alongside Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes, Ricky plays ‘Ferdy the Fence’ in Stardust. It’s a fantasy adventure about a young man who promises his girlfriend that he’ll retrieve a fallen star by venturing away from their country idyll into a magical realm. (Does that make any type of sense?)

Ricky Talks about Karl

Who is Karl? This is from the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia…

Karl Pilkington grew up in Manchester, where he regularly missed school, because his parents took him on caravaning holidays during the school term.

He once claimed that he was given an award for attendance and speculates that this award was merely invented by his teachers to try and persuade him to spend more time at school. He also claimed that his teachers never once said “Well done” to him and that, on parents evening, his parents were informed by one of his teachers that he “Will never be a high flyer”.

Karl had a “different” upbringing. He remembers receiving a computer for Christmas at about the age of 8, he wanted a ZX Spectrum, but was given the inferior ZX81. He tried to play a game, but was thwarted by the absence of a required accessory. He recalls that he vomited due to stress of the situation; one of the factors he attributes towards his baldness.

He spontaneously played the drums for the song Little Donkey in his school’s nativity play, sometime between the ages of 6 and 13.

For a short time he had a pet magpie, which he named Maggie which sometimes pecked at his head. The magpie flew away when Karl took it to school to show his class and never returned. Karl’s family also went through several cats, because they lived on a main road.

Pilkington left school without collecting his exam results, live on air (XFM) Ricky Gervais revealed that he had attained a single “E” GCSE grade. Pilkington went through a number of jobs, his favourite being his paper round.

Karl’s anecdotes about his family are often a source of much amusement to Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. His father once crashed a train into Manchester Central Station, his mother shaved one of their cats after it kept being sick, and his brother was thrown out of the Army for driving to the shops in a tank to buy a packet of cigarettes.

Karl has a number of possible causes of his baldness. It may have been caused by the fact that he once worked a 24-hour-shift overseeing the production of audio cassettes, or perhaps due to the negligence of a Manchester barber who cut the young Pilkington’s hair in a shack near the local train station. His lack of a fulsome barnet never really bothers him, except when he was on Jury Duty and felt some form of hairpiece might be in order to diguise him from any proximate ne’er-do-wells.

Karl’s neighbourhood contained other strange and eccentric personalities, such as a woman who rode around on a tricycle with her husband sitting in a basket attached to the end of it; a family who kept a horse in their front room; an elderly witch with a penchant for dishwashers and a woman who pushed a pram around with a bucket that had a face drawn on it, instead of a real baby.

Karl’s anecdotes about his family are often a source of much amusement to Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. His father once crashed a train into Manchester Central Station, his mother shaved one of their cats after it kept being sick, his uncle slept in a dinghy instead of a bed.

Karl was the producer of Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais’ Xfm radio show. Some of Pilkington’s most popular contributions to the show include Monkey News (news which is supposed to be about monkeys, but is almost always about chimpanzees), Rockbusters (which is nothing like Blockbusters despite punning on its title) and Knob News (a spin off of Monkey News, with the feature containing “knob-related news”, such as “a man who grew a knob on his arm”). Other features normally tie in with Karl’s eccentric interests and theories, like Do We Need ‘Em?, normally about Karl’s irritation with animals deemed by him to be irrelevant superfluous. Cheeky Freak of the Week, (a rundown of Karl’s favourite freaks), and Songs With A Story (Karl only likes songs “with a little story goin’ on and that”, such as Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight, which is supposedly about “a little fella in a wheelchair”).

In December 2005, Karl left his producing job at Xfm after 10 years of loyal service. When asked by his colleagues what he would like for a leaving gift, Karl requested a digital camera. When he was presented with the gift at his leaving party, he declined to open the gift-wrapped box as he intended to give the camera to his girlfriend for Christmas. Karl is considering two new sources of income – a paper round and dog walking (only if it doesn’t rain). They may not pay as much money as working as Head of Production at Xfm, but according to Karl, “its about being happy, innit?”

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