Metric Thunder: Kuryakan Hypercharger Produces Hyper Results

Metric Thunder Product Overview – Kuryakan Hypercharger

So you’ve been drooling over the Kuryakan Hypercharger for your ride and we know why. Because they are cool and the Hypercharger is a poor mans Ram Air System and that means performance, baby!

Aside from the desirable gains in performance, the Hypercharger is one of the most striking enhancements you can make to your bike. The cases are beautifully chromed, and trap doors and butterflies are available in a wide array of colors.

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VTX Video #1 VTX Video #2

Metric Thunder Pro-R Hypercharger Pages

Here is what are clients are saying:

I noticed a definite increase in throttle response right off the line.
The Hypercharger gives me a custom look and really kick in at high speeds.
They have to be the best I’ve heard on a VTX. The sound got just a little deeper and louder when I added the Hypercharger. It’s a nice combo.
I’m loving my bike and loving my Hypercharger. Install is easy.
Hypercharger adds torque and horsepower. Need to retune the bike after install.

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