Super-spy Jason Bourne Has Super Motorcycle Chase

In the Bourne Ultimatum super-spy Jason Bourne questions his way through some of the best action scenes in cinema today. He eludes capture, cracks skulls and creates a couple of the best chase scenes since Bullet.

Getting to the Question

Reports are rolling in that this loyal foot soldier has created a motorcycle chase scene that is not to be missed. And then we ask the question… What motorcycle is he riding? Silence, shrugs… We don’t care about plot, music or even the vulcan mind-meld, we have to know what this James Bond-like character is riding!

The Prize

Send us the correct answer to the question of what model and manufacturer that the Bournester is riding and you will win a fabulous prize… A t-shirt in your size. We will pick a winner randomly from all correct entries. Once you have the information send it along to

The Show

The pace is incredible with each scene better than the next with terrific stunts and chases through crowded streets, buildings and rooftops. The film is cut fast with that in-your-face hand-held camera effect. The music? It keeps your heart in your throat. Results? 5 Grease Rags out of 5! A pure adrenaline ride.

Super-spy Trailer

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