Karma Foot-tra: Passenger Constellation Floorboard with Flip Out Arm

At Metric Thunder, we know: The more positions, the better the ride. And we like customizing cruisers for both comfort and style.

That’s why we recommend Kuryakyn’s Passenger Constellation. With the same awesome style of the original Constellation Board, this passenger board provides a flip out arm for additional foot position and directly mounts to standard peg location with appropriate splined adaptor.

Get your Foot-tra pleasure today.

  • Requires motorcycle specific splined adapter mount.
  • May interfere with saddle bags in certain applications.
  • Board extends back 5-3/4â€? from peg mount.
  • Adjusts 7/8â€? vertically, 2â€? horizontally, and rotates around mount.

Important Notice: Placing these footboards on mounts intended for footpegs may prohibit them from folding up in the same manner as the stock peg. While the board may be rotated on the mount for a comfortable foot position, some angles may cause the board to contact other components on the bike before the board is folded up completely. Also, if the board is positioned so it will fold up as stock, the trailing end of the board may be in a position that could limit cornering clearance. Before ordering, be aware of components on the bike that may interfere with the placement of the footboards.

If you are looking for a new set of hassle-free bags then click the Kuryakyn link here. We just might have what you have been looking for.

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