YouTube Tuesday: Simpsons Movie is Tops at Box Office

Homer and Bart are riding a cruiser-style motorcycle… Thunder Bob thinks it is a Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600. Trailers for the long-awaited Simpsons movie are all over the internet – and after hours of tireless research, many donuts, a few swigs of Jack Daniels and a lot of Internet research, Metric Thunder along with the help of MCN has found the footage of Homer jumping Springfield Gorge on a motorcycle.

The bike jumps of the edge of the gorge, propelling the bike up and over. It’s not clear if they make the jump – but the trajectory of the jump suggests they might make it. We did the slide rule numbers on the jump and found out that we don’t know how to use this piece of equipment.

Homer has jumped the gorge on a skateboard before, but failed to jump far enough and was left injured. With Bart onboard, it’s unlikely the film’s creators would allow the jump to end in a big crash. (We can’t reveal this hard hitting news.)

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