YouTube Tuesday: Stunt Riders

Okey, we read all the emails and now we have the stunt videos up on YouTube Tuesday. Take a look. Who know you could actually wheelie a Buell 500cc motorbike?

Yep, stunt bikes are cool. If you would like to see something special on YouTube Tuesday just let us know. We like the stunts and are looking for more.

So sit back and prepare to be entertained by the YouTube Tuesday broadcast. No matter what you call ’em–stoppies, endos or even the lame-sounding “nose wheelies” watching a pro stunter roll past at 100 mph with the rear wheel floating four feet off the ground is one of the most visually stunning sights in street freestyle competition. We got some… enjoy.

Buell Stunts
Stunt Action
Urban Street Riders
Don’t Do This @ Home
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