Schwarzenegger Signs Duvall Bill On Motorcycle Performance Parts

On October 9, 2007 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the “Duvall Bill” to make it easier for Golden State riders to buy custom motorcycles. “I’m very pleased that the Governor signed AB 829 and took a stand to help both the environment and bikers across the state,” says Assemblyman Mike Duvall. “Customizing a bike is a long-standing tradition of biker culture. Motorcycles were green before ‘going green’ was fashionable. Most of them get around 50 miles to the gallon and can get even more with the help of custom parts.”

AB 829 allows aftermarket and performance parts approved by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) to be sold and installed on motorcycles at the time of original purchase. Under the previous law, motorcycles had to be sold in factory condition with no modifications. In order to customize a bike, the owner had to purchase the vehicle, take it home and then bring it back to have the new parts installed, paying for them separately. This made finding and financing CARB-certified equipment a burden on the new bike owner, and tied the dealer’s hands when it came time to finance these hop-up goodies as part of the purchase price.

According to Duvall, permitting concurrent financing of aftermarket and performance parts on newly purchased motorcycles will help to encourage the use of CARB-certified equipment. Good news for California riders and dealers. If the law’s not working for you in your state, take a stand like biker Assemblyman Duvall and maybe you too can make a difference.

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