Cisco Burger – Restaurant Review

Jesse James Does Hamburgers Right

I flew into LAX from Durham, NC to meet with Thunder Bob and Bandit to discuss our next steps at Bikernet Studio.

Thunder Bob is the voice of Bikernet TV and Bikernet Radio.

On the way to Bikernet World Headquarters I got turned around and passed this 50’s style diner called Cisco Burger that was located across from West Coast Choppers. Turns out this is Jesse James’ newest venture.

Cisco Burger is named for James’ pit bull. You might recognize Cisco as he has barked in many movies and television shows. Now that he belongs in the über Hollywood union of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, his celebrity status can do nothing but climb.

Cisco Burger serves a fairly normal diner menu of burgers and burritos, but the food and beverages are organic and hormone-free. The hamburgers are made from Kobe Beef, which is renowned for flavor, tenderness, and a fatty well-marbled texture. The restaurant is powered by solar panels and is eco-friendly, with bio-degradable cornstarch straws and burger enclosures.

Cisco Burger is clean and friendly. The molded wooden bench seats have an embossed image of Cisco and suspended above your head are pinstriped industrial lamps. White tile, steel table tops and light wood benches make for an inviting place to sit and enjoy your meal.

Instead of choppers and bobbers adorning the walls, there are large beauty shots of Cisco benevolently looking down at the patrons. Inside dining is limited so the outdoor tables set in the manicured lawn is a plus.

Since I stopped into Cisco on the way back to LAX, I grabbed a spicy black bean veggie burger to go. It had a red checkerboard wrapper around the burger that caught the juices and allowed me to drive one-handed… neat trick. The lettuce was crispy, tomatoes firm, the special sauce zesty and the grilled onions tasted just right. I give the burger 5 out of 5 oil cans.

The fries are good too. They are a little tempura-like and are midway between shoestring and steak fries and super crispy.

Ok, here is Cisco Burger by the numbers:

Address: 620 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach
Phone: (562) 590-5470
Hours: Monday through Friday 5 AM – 8 PM and Weekends 7 AM to 8 PM
Alcohol: Bring Your Own
Smoking section: Out back
Parking: Yep
Wheelchair accessible: Check
Restrooms: Nice
Credit cards: Visa and MasterCard


Throw your chick onto the back of your bike (or place the wife and kid in the family Ford) and head to Cisco’s for a tasty meal.

Free Lunch

Cisco serves up a free burger on your birthday. Now you have another reason to celebrate.

About Long Beach
Long Beach, California is a great place to live, just close enough to the hustle and bustle and silicone body parts of Los Angeles yet a million miles away in spirit. Long Beach is California’s 5th largest city and a very busy port located along the Pacific Ocean. It’s laid back, casual, friendly and breezy, baby.

– Mouser

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