BDRAG on the Loose!!

Check out this GREAT true story from our Texas freelance field reporter, BDRAG…

Went for Tuesday night coffee with a few of the Boyz I ride with and my old man. Took the LC since its been 3 or 4 weeks since we last bonded. Weather was just wonderful. Low 70’s and clear, almost no wind, so I left the full face helmet at home. I was just going for a cup and not planning on any hauling ass. Around 8:00pm, after a few hours of lies and tails from WWII to todays BS while in traffic we break camp and head for home. bdrag_3.gif

So here I am, minding my own bizz just puttin’ along about 35mph in 5th gear. BADA BADA BADA BADAaaaaaa. Nice and slow just taking in the wonderful weather. Well I pull up to a red light and I am the only motorized thing around. After a minute at the light a car pulls up just behind and to my right. Minding my own bizz looking ahead I start seeing a waft of smoke from cigarettes or what I thought was cigarettes from the car. Then it hits me, this MAJOR whiff of HASH or POT? So I glance over my right shoulder and see a nice gold colored older Lexus 300 coupe with two younger looking guys dressed up like the dudes in Raiders of the lost ark! Turbans, drapes for clothes, the whole nine yards. Now I am not knocking this just splainin’ the situation… LexusIS_300Coupe_450 copy.gif

I guess these guys are just out smokin’ some funny stuff and havin’ a good ole time when the light changes and they smoke the tires and fly right past me rolling away in a slow manner. WELL NOW! I can’t let that happen now can I? HAhaaaaaaa. Off I go in pursuit. We run up to about 50 or 60 mph in this 40 mph area which is a major street with a median and 3 lanes each direction. Straight for the most part.

So I pull along side and these guys are just a starin’ at me. I can read their minds. WHATS UP OLD FAT DUDE ON A BIKE. HAhaaaaaaa. Ya wanna run or what? Well the window comes all the way down and I get this ROMP ROMP ROMP action from the Lexus. OH? You do want to play huh? HAhaaaaaaaaaa. So what do I do? YEP! Drop from 5th to 2nd in about 2 tenths of a second an WHACK IT! They were caught off guard I guess because they didn’t make a very big effort to get it on. So I slow down to the speed limit and they cruise by and then hit it! WAaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Then they slow. Well we are now at the next red light. Very light traffic still. As we roll away from the light we play cat and mouse, one gettin’ it on and then the other. Sizing each other up. I know this road we are on because its 2 blocks from my house. I drive it EVERY DAY and have for the last 19 years.

Well we finally pull along side each other at about 30 mph and HIT IT! I grabbed 1st, shift as the limiter is just coming on and launch ahead a few yards. Then they come on strong. I grab 3rd at 6,000 rpm and we are side by side and coming up on a slight bend in the road. It bends to the left and is a little off camber to the right side. OH, and there is a little choppy area or a bump in the bend. I know this why? Because I drive this road every day…every day at 40 mph. Well just about 50 feet before this bend in the road I hit 4th gear at about 6,000 rpm. I am doing just about 100 mph I would guess. We enter this section of road and I am in the inside of the left lane, The Lexus is in the middle lane. I slam the LC over on the left board right as the bump comes! The LC starts to do a wicked oscillation like a person with Turrets syndrome, head bobs and wobbles and was shootin’ sparks for 50 feet! The Lexus hits the same bump and bounces violently and skips over about half way into the far right lane and was making some awful sounding groans and popping noises. I entered this bend on the inside of my lane and when I was through doing my shake and shimmy I was still in my lane but just about on the lane buttons. Did I let off? HELL NO! I just kept in the gas and kept the shower of sparks flowing ’til all was right again and we were going straight, STRAIGHT AT A RED LIGHT 50 yards away! Whooooooooo hoooooooooooo! The LC does still have some brakes after the last dragon trip. HAhaaaaaaaaaa. The Lexus must have some damn good brakes because he stopped after reacting a good 2 seconds after I did.

bdrag_07 copy.gif

Well who won? The hell if I know. All I know is we got stopped before we ran the light. I was still in my lane and they were back in theirs. We rolled up along side each other. I looked over and the kid in the passengers seat was white as I am and slumped low in his seat. The driver was also very pale and his head wrap was all pushed up to one side and part of it was hanging off like a head bandage in an old western movie. HAhaaaaaaaa. I don’t have a clue why unless he smacked his head on the roof when he went bouncing along. HAHaaaaaaaaaa. I looked at them and they were both just looking right back at me. They looked like they had just seen a ghost! EYES WIDE OPEN! HAhaaaaaaaa. I then caught the light about to change green for us seeing the light for the cross traffic go yellow. I grabbed the front brake lever and whacked the throttle and did the first burn out on the current Pirelli tire, the light turns green and I take off still spinning and leave those kids in my smoke. HAhaaaaaaaaa. It feels good to be almost 50 years old and still be able to act like a freaking kid! Hhaahaaaaaaaa.

So to end it, I am still one dumb sumbitch. Here I am acting like a total idiot, HAULIN’ ASS on a city street playing with kids who I have no idea about there skills or lack of them, NO HELMET, AT NIGHT, POOR ROAD CONDITIONS, ON A 700 pound no handlin’ bike. What a DUMBASS! So I would say I got lucky again. Whats the pot up to now? HAHaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Later……. BDRAG

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