Holiday Gift Giving 101

Thunder Bob & His Rules of Christmas

When the holidays roll around, you’re most likely confronted with choosing an appropriate gift for your customers and your staff. Selecting the right token of appreciation can be challenging!

Follow these guidelines and you will be putting down the tarmac like Chris Carr in a tail wind.

The Big DOs

(1) Know your recipients. Not everyone drinks Jack Daniels. Be aware of your client’s or employee’s style and interests. This helps you more effectively choose an appropriate gift. Does your top customer enjoy golf? A wind shirt and a sleeve of golf balls would be a big hit. Your assistant is into sports? She’d love a cooler filled with tailgating goodies like chips and beverages. In some instances, you might consider a group gift that everyone can enjoy like a new coffeemaker for the lunchroom… but I wouldn’t.

(2) Present the gift in person. Personal exchange is always more meaningful.

(3) Include a note in the gift you give. If you write really bad do not make it handwritten. A brief, sincere wish or a thank you adds a nice touch. If you include a card, the best bet is one without a religious theme.

(4) Learn if the company has a gift policy. If such a policy exists, then you may skirt around the issue by giving a gift of charity in their name. Always a crowd pleaser!

(5) Ensure the gift reflects well on your business. Remember, not everyone drinks Jack Daniels. Your gift should be tasteful and project a professional image of you and your business.

(6) Send thank you notes for the business gifts you receive. If you write really bad do not make it handwritten. Notes are just good manners.

The Big D – DON’T

(1) Give liquor. Remember, not everyone drinks Jack Daniels. Unless they do then load’m up.

(2) Do not invade their personal space with jewelry, perfume. Save it for the honey.

(3) Be too gender-specific.

(4) Send a gift if you’re negotiating. As innocent as your gift may be, it could be construed as a bribe if you’re in the middle of negotiating a contract. Make sure you send the bribe after you get your deal.

(5) In Capital Letters – DO NOT send a gag gift. Humor is a serious thing and could be unfunny…or worse, offensive.

On the flip side, if you really know someone well, be as outrageous as possible. It will be discussed way-after the holidays are over. Consider sending leather. It lasts forever and wears like iron.

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