Hot New Product for Your Hard Krome 3″ Pipes

Made out of solid 100% CNC billet aluminum, the new Slayer End Caps are hot!

Slayer flame end caps from Smartpartz. Replaces the end caps on all Hard Krome and Road Burner 3″ diameter exhaust systems

Made of 100% CNC billet aluminum, this is one of the newest and most unique products on the market. You’ll get looks wherever you ride.

Installed ’em on T Bike 2 and have been turning heads at the local watering hole and everywhere else. You really have to see them installed and in person to appreciate the quality of this product. Flame caps copy.jpg

Comes in black and has not discolored in over 3,000 miles of all weather riding conditions.


All necessary hardware is included for a perfect fit and easy installation. Click on, Slayers, for more information.

Sold as a pair.

Made in the USA.

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