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Dillo’s Legendary Classic

Steve “Dillo” Katz Rides with Metric Thunder This Suzuki 1500LC is ready to rock ‘n roll! Check out the short list of Steve’s mods on his Legendary Classic:

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A New Biker Flick From Quentin Tarantino

HELL RIDE is a raucous throwback to the days of the Sergio Leone spaghetti western, with a heaping helping of testosterone-fueled chopper action thrown into the mix.

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Tech Tip: Installing Ape Hangers

If you were to ask me “what’s the most common trend in motorcycle cruising bikes today?” I’d have to say it’s the increase in the number of bikers that are making the switch from stock or standard type handlebars over … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday: The Car Chase From “Bullitt”

Arguably One of the Best Car Chases on Film!

The ultimate road battle between Ford and Dodge! This car case from the 1968 classic, “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen, set the gold standard for car chases over the next 40 years.

These two American Muscle cars were high on horsepower and low on handling. That makes the stunt work throughout the streets of San Francisco even more spectacular. See if you can pick out the make and model of motorcycle that gets tangled up in the oncoming high speed chase.


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YouTube Tuesday: The Lone Biker of the Apocalypse

A Classic Biker Moment From 1987!

The Coen Brothers are this year’s favorite for top honors at the Academy Awards with “No Country for Old Men.”

One of their earlier dark comedies, “Raising Arizona,” was released over 20 years ago and included a baby bounty hunter on a motorcycle played by ex-heavy weight boxer Randall “Tex” Cobb.

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YouTube Tueday: Super Bowl Sunday Special

Easily One of the Best Super Bowl Ads Ever!

It’s gotta be good if we’re gonna post a YouTube Tuesday on a Sunday…This one is in honor of the Super Bowl today and is a classic from the era. No matter who you are routing for today, history will be made.

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