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Boulevard M109R / M109R2 / M109R Limited Edition

Suzuki 2008 Cruiser Lineup

By El Jeffe

Since 1963 Suzuki has been importing innovative motorcycles into the United States, providing riders new levels of value and reliability. The 2008 cruiser edition is a blend of traditional and innovative technology and styling.

Suzuki's award winning Boulevard M109R is an incredible combination of cruiser styling and renowned Suzuki sportbike power and handling. Suzuki injected the Boulevard M109R with a potent shot of race-proven technology developed for the championship-winning GSX-R sport bikes.

The M109R2 features a new chromed aerodynamic headlight housing. The M109R Limited Edition comes with a racing stripe, checkerboard background gauge package, clear tail light lens with red LEDs, and textured saddle. As with all M109Rs, a massive 240mm rear tire comes standard.

2008 M109R – Colors, Black, Red & Gray – MSRP: $12,699.00
2008 M109R2 – Colors, Black & Gray – MSRP: $12,699.00
2008 M109R Limited Edition – Colors, Black, Orange & Gray – MSRP: $13,099.00

2008 Boulevard C109R / C109RT


For 2008, Suzuki has come out with two new cruisers: the C109R and the C109RT. The C109R runs a 5 speed tranny and comes with a new double cradle chassis that delivers spirited handling.

The C109RT is the touring version of the C109R. Standard accessories include windshield, studded seat, leather saddlebags, and passenger backrest. Also standard is the linked braking system.

Both cruisers are stuffed with the 109-cubic-inch engine, complete with Suzuki fuel injection.

The new 2008 Boulevard C109R and C109RT: each a king among classic cruisers.

2008 Boulevard C109RT – Colors, Blue & Gray – MSRP: $14,999.00
2008 Boulevard C109R – Colors, Black & Maroon – MSRP: $13,799.00

2008 Boulevard C90 / C90T


At Bikernet Metric we have never met a cruiser we didn’t like. And not only do we like the 45-degree, 90 cubic inch V-twin air-cooled powerplant, we like that retro two-tone paint scheme. The C90 comes with a white/gold color combination that is very classy. The fuel-injected engine cranks out a load of torque down low, which is matched by top-end performance. The ergonomics are spacious and the smooth suspension delivers comfortable cruising.

The T in the Boulevard C90T stands for touring. It’s produced with an aerodynamic windshield and a custom-designed backrest. Available custom features include whitewall tires, studded seat, and chrome upgrades that provide your own personalized look.

The Boulevard C90 and C90T is where classic cruiser styling meets awesome performance.

2008 Boulevard C90T – Colors, Two Tone Blue/Silver – MSRP: $11,499.00
2008 Boulevard C90 – Colors, Black and Two Tone Gold/White – MSRP: $10,499.00

2008 Boulevard S83


Nothing screams Japanese cruiser like the 2008 Boulevard S83. It’s got the look and the power to match just about anything out on the road. The Boulevard S83’s 45-degree V-twin engine pumps out an incredible amount of torque for acceleration that you dream about. A fistful of the Boulevard S83 throttle will keep you happy all afternoon long.

The 6-valve, air/oil-cooled engine produces strong low-to-mid-range rpm power and torque. Twin 36mm constant-velocity Mikuni carburetors provide crisp throttle response and quick acceleration. The S83 is also engineered for an exceptionally comfortable ride around town or on the highway.

2008 Boulevard S83 – Colors, Black & Gold – MSRP: $8,499.00

2008 Boulevard M50


Here's a hot cruiser that's going to light up the city streets. The Suzuki Boulevard M50 boasts unrivaled muscle and cruiser styling along with a healthy injection of Suzuki technology. The first thing to strike you is its hard-tail design, which, thanks to an advanced rear suspension system, provides a comfortable and responsive ride.

Of course the muscle styling cues don't end there. Check out its pullback bars, contoured saddle, sculpted rear fender, and eye-catching slash-cut chrome mufflers.

The Suzuki Boulevard M50 delivers performance through its liquid-cooled 50-cubic-inch V-twin engine, featuring an advanced Suzuki fuel injection system that gives it terrific torque down low and an incredibly wide powerband. What's more, the M50 rewards you with crisp handling and an exceptionally comfortable ride around town or out on the open highway.

2008 Boulevard M50 – MSRP: $6,999.00
2008 Boulevard M50 Black – MSRP: $6,899.00

2008 Boulevard C50 / C50T / C50 Limited Edition / C50 Black


The 800cc cruisers are America’s best-selling streetbikes and the C50 Boulevard line comes with an 800cc 45-degree, overhead-cam, eight-valve, fuel injection, shaft-drive V-twin. Suzuki provides a lot of technology for the money and that equates to spirited performance and a roomy cockpit. The EFI has eliminated any leanness found in carbureted models and offers instant starting and idle. Throttle response is crisp and with strong low-end and mid-range torque, it accelerates hard from just above idle.

The C50T (touring model) adds $1,000 and 25 pounds of equipment including windshield, studded saddlebags, studded passenger backrest and wide whitewall tires.

The Boulevard C50's classic design begins with the flowing lines of its kicked-out front end and pullback handlebars, which perfectly complement its teardrop tank, stepped seat and boldly valanced rear fender.

The C50 black is for the budget minded and comes in all of Henry Ford’s colors, black.

2008 Boulevard C50 Limited Edition – Metallic Silver w/ Tribal Pattern – MSRP: $7,099.00
2008 Boulevard C50T – Colors, Black and Two Tone Red/White – MSRP: $7,999.00
2008 Boulevard C50 – Colors, Two Tone Blue/Silver & Black/Gray – MSRP: $6,899.00 2008 Boulevard C50 Black – Colors, Black – MSRP: $6,799.00

2008 Boulevard S50


The 2008 Boulevard S50 is a slim, narrow 45 degree V-twin, 50 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, 8-valve engine that produces a strong and respectable low and mid-range torque. Its dry weight of just 443 pounds and its low, 27.6-inch seat height make the S50 perfect for maneuvering through tight city traffic. When you get out on the highway, its comfortable riding position encourages you to kick back and cruise. So if you're looking for lean cruiser styling, nimble handling, and performance you can count on, consider the 2008 Boulevard S50.

2008 Boulevard S50 – Colors, Black, Silver – MSRP: $6,499.00

2008 Boulevard S40


Introduced in 1986 as the Savage, Suzuki's Boulevard S40 650cc single-cylinder cruiser is still pumping out the fun. The Boulevard S40 adds a shot of advanced Suzuki technology to this timeless design to create a bike that combines exciting performance with rock-solid reliability. The S40 steering is quick and precise, yet the motorcycle is acceptably steady at all speeds, on many motorcycles this is mutually exclusive. Lean angle is acceptable.

The S40 makes great basic transportation because it is narrow, maneuvers easily, great on gas, and is insurance friendly. It is a good choice for a beginner bike and fun for the experienced cruiser as well.

2008 Boulevard S40 – Colors, Black, Red & Silver – MSRP: $4,399.00


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