Nikki’s Star: Phase II

It’s been nearly two years since Nikki & her V-Star appeared as a Thunder Rider.

We caught up with Nikki and about 300 other riders during the 10th annual Star B Q in San Diego recently. Although her bike looked really great two years ago, she made some new modifications that took her V-Star to another level.

Some of the new details include:

  • RC Components Custom Front and Rear Wheels
  • Low Profile tires
  • Chromed front forks
  • Chrome Front and Rear Fender Trim
  • Chrome Driver Seat Rail
  • Chromed Side Panels
  • Chrome Boomerang Covers

I’m sure I probably missed something, but I can tell you first hand, that’s a nice looking bagger!


The before picture looked pretty good too…

Great job again Nikki!

– Thunder Bob

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