Roadhouse Rumbles Back!

After Weathering a Tough Transition, the Classic Exhaust Manufacturer Returns

I hopped in the truck and took the 45 mile ride down to Lake Elsinore, CA to meet the new management team, tour the manufacturing facility and pick of a couple sets of pipes for our customers earlier this week. What I saw and heard first hand was very encouraging.

Roadhouse built a very strong brand of classic, throaty sounding exhaust systems primarily for the metric cruiser market in the late ’90s. Their Dooley and Classic 2 into 1 systems became the pipes of choice for those wanting that deep, throaty sound and traditional vintage look for their bike.

After the owner/founder of Roadhouse experienced near fatal injuries over a year ago, the company ground to a standstill. Products were nowhere to be found and the fate of the company was uncertain. With seemingly no alternative, Roadhouse was up for sale during the second half of 2007.


In February of 2008 Roadhouse was sold to Motorworks, an ATV exhaust manufacturer who relocated the company from the San Fernanado Valley just north of Los Angeles to a 30,000 square facility 100 miles south in Lake Elsinore.


Darrell Contreras: (one of 4 owners), Production Manger Brandon & General Sales Manager Dusty

RH-2PALLET copy.gif

This is a very good sign!!!

The Motoworks group completed an asset purchase of Roadhouse Brand in February of this year. Job one was to carefully inspect all manufacturing equipment and fitment test every exhaust component. Several adjustments and improvements were made wherever needed in the interest of delivering the highest quality, easy to install exhaust systems. RH-2MORE ON THE WAY.jpg

The new management team is committed to completing fulfillment of all backorders by the end of August ’08.

RH-4 MORE SHIFTS.jpg Adding production swing shifts is just one of the plans underway to achieve their goals.


The new Roadhouse is not content with just improving product quality and availability, they have an active R & D department that’s already working on fitment testing to expand their exhaust systems for other bikes.

RH-6 R  D copy.jpg

Johnny Leach, one of the new owners & a Raider in the R & D department

I have to admit that my trip down to Roadhouse was definitely time well spent. These guys are on the right track and headed in the right direction. To find a set of pipes for your bike, just click on the Roadhouse image below or contact the shop at (866) 744-7900.


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