ROAD BURNER Delivers SLT-Sound Lowering Technology

Excessive sound is one of the biggest hurdles that motorcycle riders have today. Loud pipes are no longer tolerated in many parts of the country now. Road Burner has been busy this past year developing our new SLT (Sound Lowering Technology). The patent pending technology reduces your exhaust sound to a reasonable level. We have Road Burners in our Red Tag Sale section, check them out.

Road Burner pipes are a good choice for a guy or a gal that is looking for style, tone and performance. Our client’s report back to us that these are some of the best looking and fitting pipes on the market today.
– Thunder Bob

Road Burner pipes with the SLT muffler system are for the rider who wants more power and significantly less noise while maintaining a mellow deep tone.

SLT will lower your exhaust sound by approximately 3 to 5 decibels over a standard louvered core and provide superior sound reduction over conventional aftermarket exhaust systems.

SLT muffler cartridges are different than other motorcycle muffler systems available today. The SLT muffler cartridge is a large volume chamber containing many layers of different sound dispersion materials.

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