ROAD BURNER – Latest Answers 2 Exhaust Pipe Questions

The Team @ Metric Thunder will answer some of the questions most commonly asked about Road Burner exhaust pipes. If you have a question not on this list feel free to contact us at sales @ or by calling our sales line at (866) 744-7900. Our office is open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm PST and 10:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday.

Question: I am interested in ordering a set of Roadburner pipes. Is there anything I should order with these pipes?

Answer: There are two things we recommend along with a set of Roadburner pipes.

[1] For the Carbureted Models – The first thing we recommend is to have the bikes jetting recalibrated. [2] For the Fuel Injected bikes – We recommend the addition of a PowerCommander.

The other thing we recommend with a complete set of Roadburner pipes is to replace the crush gaskets.

Question: I am interested in ordering a full set of Roadburner pipes. Do I need to re-jet my motorcycle in accordance?

Answer: If your bike is carbureted we recommend the Dynojet Stage 1 jet kit for our pipe applications. The bike could run lean otherwise and you could experience a pop on deceleration. The jet kit can be purchased through your local dealer.

If your bike has Fuel Injected, we recommend the Dynojet PowerCommander. The PowerCommander will alter your air/fuel mixture. Your stock F.I. can compensate for only a small spectrum, NOT enough for an aftermarket exhaust. The Power Commander can alter that stock map and can be re-programmed for modifications installed at a later time.

For more information on Dynojet, call us at (866) 744-7900.

Question: I have installed a complete set of Roadburner pipes on my motorcycle. On deceleration the bike pops, how can I fix this?

Answer: A pop is usually in indication of one of two instances.

[1] The most common is that the bike has not been jetted, or was jetted incorrectly. [2] The other instance is a crush gasket at the head.

This is an OEM part. This crush gasket is a one-time crush, similar to a spark plug seal. We recommend replacing this gasket when installing new pipes. There is a chance an air leak at the head/ exhaust junction can lead to the popping. The crush gasket is an OEM part and available through your local dealer. We do not offer this part.

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