Let’s Get Ready To Rumble for Spring

Get Your Bike Out – It’s March! Here are some tips to get you out and rolling:

      1. If you took the battery out of the bike make sure it’s charged up before you re-install it.
      2. If you didn’t take it out make sure it’s charged up and the battery terminals are clean.
      3. Check the engine and primary oil and tranny fluid.
      4. Check the brake fluid levels and pads.
      5. Check the tires and their air pressures.
      6. Check the drive belt or chain.
      7. Check the cables.
      8. Check all the lights.
      9. Wash and dry the bike thoroughly and then wax it.
      10. Clean and polish the chrome.

Bonus Tips

  1. Clean all the leather on the bike.
  2. Add octane booster.
  3. Make sure your riding gear still fits.
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