Check Out GMAN’s Bully fuel injection controller M109R

With optimal performance and user friendliness in mind GMan has developed the Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R.

GMan Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R ImageMetric Thunder Motorcycle Accessories is now carrying the Bully-M109R/M109RT, available in three pre-programmed Stages for your ease of Plug-n-Play operation. The GMan Bully M109R allows you to adjust up to 6 different modes at anytime, for those fine tuning tweaks or setup changes-without technical help or tools. Simply a touch of a button will make any change without interrupting your riding time! Metric Thunder carries

GMan designed The Bully M109R/M109RT for maximum HP/Torque. Actual dyno numbers will vary, which is why we focus on increase percentages.

The Bully allows for proper adjusting of the Fuel/Air ratios to allow the best possible increases for any setup…without maps, downloads or added expense.

Get Your M109R Now
Metric Thunder carries the GMas Bully Fuel Injection Controller M109R/M109RT for $279.95 plus free shipping.

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