T bike 1 Crashed on Interstate 5

Thunderbike 1 Takes a Lickin’ and kept on Tickin’ !!! (Story Re-posted from Metric Thunder Facebook Page)

My Guardian Angel was working overtime and I only suffered a small scrape on my forearm! THe bike took a beating on all for corners though. But amazingly I pulled off all the busted and dangling bits and rode her home! What a machine!

So I am riding home from Paso Robles after a weekend stay with my Stepson Mike for his father’s funeral on Saturday. Sunday Morning Mike and I take off on the bikes for a wonderful ride through coastal mountain roads and amazing fish tacos in Cayucos on the beach. Left Paso Robles around 3:30 pm for the ride home back to Riverside. Had just finished the stretch of hwy 46 and was about 10 miles down the Interstate 5 heading south when it happened.

Just cruising along in the slow lane at about 70 on the speedo. Cars were passing me in the fast lane but that’s OK, I am getting fuel mileage. I would speed up to pass the strung out semi trucks every so often but for the most part a nice ride. Then I notice traffic slowing down way ahead of me. Must be an accident up ahead so I roll off the throttle. Slowed down to about 50 approaching a another semi doing about 40 with intermitent brake lights. The fast lane is clear around him for a few hundred yards so I check next to and behind me and make the lane change.

Well just as I pull up along side the semi’s trailer still slowing down the car behind me musta been playing video games or something as he did not slow down and obviously did not see me signal my intended lane change. So here I am alongside the semi just inside the centerline when the car blows past me to the left IN MY LANE. His passenger side rear view mirror takes out the tip of my clutch lever as he goes by. The impact turns my bars into the semi. Now this is where the Guardian Angel, Instinct or whatever you want to call it kicks in. All I see is the semi’s trailer wheels to the right of me and with all my might I snatch the handlebars back to the left while kicking away from the bike. The bike hits the trailer’s tires square on the sidewalls and bounces back int the the fast lane. My pushing away from the bike got me out into the fast lane as well were I rolled a few times and and came to a stop with the bike sliding 15-20 feet ahead of me. I instantly look to see if I was going to be run over and somehow all traffic stopped and I was safe. Picked myself up off the ground, quick self exam…WTF! I am not hurt! Walked over picked up the bike and rolled it to the center divider and went back to pick up the busted bling scattered all over the road. Naturally the Dumbass never stopped. Called 911 and filed the report with the CHP (nice guy, also rides). A good Samaritan had stopped as well and bandaged my little scrap for me. Then the bleeder happend as I was pulling off the dangling turn signal. Got my right hand knuckle and she bandaged that too. So I inspect the bike, cut wires to dangling lights and stowed in the saddlebags. Damm, no front brake. Lever is busted off to a nub. I call my son and he brings me another lever. CHP stops traffic and I get back on the road and limp to the next rest stop where I wait for mike and the lever and rode ‘ol Thunder home. Amazing!

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