Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust - Black - Fury

Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust - Black - Fury

Product Details

This is the perfect pipe to unleash the sound of the Fury, Honda's first real custom cruiser. Great lines, lots of power and a perfect exhaust note that is not too loud.

This exhaust system is available now at your local dealer! The graceful arcing lines of the Speedster Swept exhaust system follow the curved shapes of the new Fury to create a great look. They have a deep rumble that improves the sound but keeps the noise down. In fact they may have the best balance of sound and volume of any pipe we've ever made: Rich and throaty but not window rattling either. Like all Cobra's Speedsters, the Swepts include the Cobra PowerPort for increased low and mid-range power. They are equipped with full length 2.5-inch heat shields which wrap around 222 degrees and cover the 1.75-inch headpipes. Of course they also have Cobra's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This bike also responds really well to the addition of the Fi2000R. The combination of the Fi2000R and the Swept pipes gives not only a noticeable performance gain throughout the powerband, it smooths out that power too, so you get a stronger more linear curve and the bike pulls like a freight train from right off idle.