Kuryakyn Turn Signal Mirrors - Convex Glass

Kuryakyn Turn Signal Mirrors - Convex Glass

Product Details

Kuryakyn Turn Signal Mirrors. This Karyakyn original looks good coming and going. From the drivers seat, they are a functional, great looking custom mirror. You can choose either flat or reduced image convex glass. Flat glass gives a more accurate representation of the distance between you and following vehicles. Convex glass provides a wider field of view and lessens the distorting effect of vibration. A heavy duty locking mechanism and swivel ball keep these mirrors adjusted just where you want them. Looking at the mirrors from the front, you'll notice a bank of L.E.D.'s that work as a running light and a super bright auxiliary turn signal. Unlike other lighted mirrors, these lights only face forward so glare is not a factor. The life of this light source will be several times that of incandescent bulbs. Mirror adapters P/N 1445 or 1446 are required for installation on metric cruisers. Not D.O.T. approved and not recommended for Buckhorn handlebars. Please Note: These Turn Signal Mirrors were designed to satisfy the flash requirements of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The draw produced by these lights, or load equalizers used with L.E.D. lights may or may not be what is needed for proper flash and frequency on your metric cruiser. You may have to experiment with different flashers, load equalizers, etc. to achieve the desired flash on your bike. It may be necessary to obtain these components from sources other than Karyakyn.

Sold as a pair