BrakeAway Cruise Control

BrakeAway Cruise Control

Product Details

  • For 1" diameter handlebars
  • Slides over and mounts to the outside of a 1 3/8" to 1 1/2" dia. grip.
  • covers the grip flange on most models listed (up to 1.890" diameter flange, rests against the grip flange on larger diameter)
  • Support fits between brake lever mount and switch housing on 1" handlebar
  • Requires moving brake lever over 1/4" away from switch housing to create space for support
  • Not compatible with heated grips!

    The 7CP01 now also fits the popular Kuryakyn Iso Grip with the use of household dishwashing soap, the BrakeAway 7CP01 will slide all the way over the flange without modification.

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