Bully Alarm Lock with Pager

Bully Alarm Lock with Pager

Product Details

  • This is the one youíve waited for
  • NO expensive installation costs
  • NO complicated spaghetti of wiring added to your bike
  • NO cutting into your bikes wiring harness
  • NO drain on your battery
  • NO giving it away when you sell your bike
  • NO buying multiple alarms for bikes
  • YES it is also a visual deterrent
  • YES it will go off if the thief tries to cut the hoop
  • YES it is a pager alarm that will tell you when someone moves your bike
  • YES it comes with itís own long range pager
  • YES, you just attach, turn it on and walk away! Itís that easy
  • YES you could even use it for 2 bikes at the same time