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Some models (especially 2003) have a faulty shift plate construction. There are pins pressed into the plate that work loose and wreck havoc on your bike’s ability to shift or find neutral. We discovered that Suzuki has since updated this design to a cast in type pin. Being a one piece construction makes it impossible for the pins to work loose. There are a number of other parts that come with this kit to replace tired or worn out springs and seals. The best time to install the kit is at an oil change interval since you will need to drain the sump. This kit installs on the outside of the crankcase and takes about an hour from start to finish for a motorcycle mechanic.

Shift plate, cam follower, torsion spring, shift cover gasket, shift rod seal, and o ring. All of these parts come from Suzuki. We make them available so you get the part that you need.

There are directions available here.

*The torsion spring has been indefinitely back ordered by the supplier. Therefore we a temporarily excluding it from the kit at this time.


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